Thursday, October 27, 2005

Be Prepared

I am tired of hearing all the idiots in Florida complaining about the effects of the last hurricane. Some of these people don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain.

They are complaining because they have no food or water, and the "government" is too slow to provide them. These people are too stupid to survive. When a hurricane is coming (and they had lots of warning) and you plan to ride it out, then you prepare: you stock up with food (that doesn't require cooking) and water. You fill up your bathtub to you can flush your toilet.

What is really pathetic are the ones complaining because their car is out of gas. Oh, Dear Me! When a hurricane hits, you are going to lose electricity. Anybody with any sense would fill up their gas tank BEFORE the storm hits.

Some of these morons said "Oh, it's only a Cat 2. We won't have any problem."

I have been through a hurricane and two typhoons on land, and a typhoon at sea (on a destroyer). I have a great appreciation for what 110 MPH winds can do. I have no sympathy for the fools who did not prepare. Let them suffer! Maybe they will learn something.

But, that's the view of The Resident Curmudgeon.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Did President Bush cause hurricane Katrina?

The stupidity of people who write letters to the editor constantly astounds me. A recent one claims that President Bush caused hurricane Katrina. The logic of this is rather convuleted. The writer claims that since President Bush did not push the Kyoto Agreements on global warming, then the hurricane was the result of global warming; therefore it was the President's fault.

Global warming (according to some experts) has been around for many years. The Kyoto
Agreements go back into the 1990's, long before President Bush. So, it is a long jump from the present administration failure to push these agreements to the present hurricane season. But, the people who write letters are not too concerned with logic.

This writer also fails to read history. There were more hurricanes in 1933 than in 2005. Of course, 1933 was in the middle of the previous great warming cycle. That cycle was evidenced by the great nation-wide drought. The dust bowl of the midwest was but one evidence of this.

I suppose we should be thankful that some people can still write in English. It would be nice if they had some sense to go along with this ability.