Sunday, July 31, 2011

What debt crisis?

To paraphrase Churchill, "never in the field of human endeavor has so much been said by so many about so little." This farce is about to wind down. Thank goodness! In this process we have managed to create a non-existent problem; shoot ourselves in the foot; make the entire US look totally stupid in the eyes of the rest of the world and waste thousands of hours arguing back and forth, and in general, look totally stupid!

Sometime I think our elected congressmen should not be allowed out of the house without a keeper. They just don't seem to be able to understand the consequences. As one noted economics professor put it, Failure to pay our bills wold signal to the world that U.S. politics are so dysfunctional that we can't even avoid serious and unnecessary self-inflicted wounds. And if we can't avoid a self-inflicted wound, the world financial markets will just freak out.

It is now difficult to remember that all that was required was a one paragraph bill that changed some numbers. This was not new taxes. It was not new expenditures. It was merely to pay for things already purchased. The dingbats had to turn this into a major media event. And in order to enjoy their misbegotten sense of power, they may well really hurt out standing in the international financial markets. How stupid can we be?

Personally I wish the President had invoked the 14th Amendment (which many of the dingbats claim does not really exist), raised the debt limit and maybe let our congress get back to the problem of jobs. That might still happen.

Do you suppose the dingbats clap each other on the back and brag about how they have screwed the public once again?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christian Socialism

Christian Socialism. That sound like an oxymoron. The dingbats yell constantly about how they want "small" government. In their liturgy, a government that doesn't, in any way, interfere with the functions of big business. Yet, at the same time, they want this streamlined government to dictate how we think and act according to their standards.

As you listen to the dingbats all across the US, you begin to understand exactly what they want: they want the government to outlaw abortion; they want the voting requirements changed so only "correct" people can vote; they want to ensure that only "creationism" is taught in schools; they want to abolish many aspects of our religious freedoms; they would restrict our traditional freedom of speech if what we might want to say doesn't agree with their tenets; they want to ignore parts of our Constitution that do not agree with their assumptions.

What else can we call this? We are dealing with fanatical evangelicals whose motto is: If you don't agree with me 100% then you're going to hell.

Monday, July 25, 2011


All day I have listened to the dingbats yelling how "the government has failed" or "the government can't solve our problems" or "the government is too big and must be reduced in size."

Sounds real good. But as soon as we have some catastrophe, such as a flood, a hurricane or a tornado, what do we hear? "The government ain't doing enough for us" or "the government should be doing (fill in the blank)."

Sorry! You can't have it both ways. This reminds me something that happened during a public hearing on zoning in a western county. One old farmer stood up and declaimed "Ain't nobody gonna tell me what I can do with my land, but don't you let my neighbor put a pig farm on his."

Make up your minds, dingbats.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fractured Politics

For many years I have prided myself on being totally non-partisan. I would never allow a political party to dictate to me how I should vote. I am long registered as “unaffiliated”, and I vote for the man/woman I feel is best qualified for the job. I have voted for democrats, republicans, socialists, progressives or what have you.

Times have changed. I would now find it very difficult to vote for a republican running for the office of county dogcatcher. Given no other choice, I would vote for an avowed communist over a republican. I truly feel that would be less dangerous to America.

It is well known that the republican party sold out to the religious right many years back. Now the party is caving in to the teabaggers. For less typing strokes, I will refer to this unholy amalgamation as the dingbats, which so aptly describes their position. To me, it seems their ultimate goal is to establish a “teaocracy” which embraces many long discredited economic policies.

I find it increasingly difficult to take these people serious! When you have dingbat leaders proclaiming on national media that the current heat wave is the result of a government conspiracy; or that the Statue of Liberty is really a Greek Goddess, and should be destroyed, or that the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution should be ignored, or that the direct election of US Senators should be repealed or hundreds of other equally stupid pronouncements, the only response is good laugh. But then, you must stop and think: My God, what would happen if these total dingbats got into power?

One must ask: Haven’t these people ever read history? Haven’t they been paying attention the past 10 years? Maybe they have been too busy going to church or searching for evidence of new conspiracies to notice reality.

My mission? To debunk as many of their asinine ideas as possible. Some may disagree with me. Fine! Get your own blog and write what you like.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fractured English

I have long maintained that most local sports reporters could not pass 5th grade English. Here is another example.

The Sanford Herald, July 6. In an article about a local high school football team, this reporter wrote "The Jackets lost much of their offensive weapons from a team that made a deep playoff run last season to graduation,..." SAY WHAT! I never knew that playoffs were involved in high school graduations. How does this work? Does the winning team get to graduate and the loser stay another year? If you lose in the first round of the playoffs do you have to stay in school even longer? Somebody explain this to me.