Monday, June 28, 2010

What did they really mean?

Associated Press story of 6/29/2010. Reporting the Germany-England soccer match, the reporter wrote "...a match which hinged on a bad referee's decision."

I can't imagine why the World Cup would hire a bad referee. Did they know he was a "bad" referee when they hired him? If so, surely that is ground for some sort of international protest.

I would like to think they hire only good referees, any of whom might make a bad decision.

Those who write for general public consumption must exercise caution in the use of the language. Otherwise, the public might be led astray.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A case of stupidity

The local paper carried a story this morning about how some two hundred people waited in line, some for as long as 12 hours, to buy the “latest” electronic gizmo. The line stretched from the store to outside the mall. This was on one of the hottest days of the year. Some of these people took off from work to do this.

It is hard not to consider this as absolute total stupidity! What in hell is their priority? How could they possibly consider that buying this electronic gadget on the first day it goes on sale to be important?

Maybe this is merely another indication of the depth to which some have fallen. To them it is not a question of “keeping up with the Jones.” No, they want to be the Jones, to be first to own the gadget, as if this is important. Do they somehow get more points on the great scoreboard of life just because they were “first?” Do the sensible people who are willing to wait a few days suffer a point deduction?

Whatever. If nothing else, it proves how some are obsessed with “materialistic gizmoism.”