Friday, October 18, 2013

The Republican political platform

After much study and deliberation, I think I have finally deciphered exactly what the “dingbats” propose as their platform to govern the world.  While this is rather complicated, I have summarized it in order to spell out the most important planks.

ECONOMICS: The dingbats don’t actually believe in any accepted economic theory, except for their one guiding principle.  That is expressed as “Trickle Down.”  If big business, big banks, and very rich people are allowed to operate without any form of regulation or restriction, then they will make scads of money.  Eventually, although really not necessary, some of this will trickle down to the working class.  (Note: the dingbats would really like to do away with the entire working class, as thee people make a lot of noise demanding food, shelter and other minimal necessities of life.  However, the dingbats realize that they cannot totally eliminate this class.  After all, somebody has to clean house, mow the lawn and tend the flower gardens.) We have seen evidence that the “trickle down theory of economics” does work, at least for the working classes in China, India, Vietnam, etc.  This is where the wealthy dingbats have moved their businesses in order to make even more scads of money.

WOMEN:  The dingbat’s program is simple.  “Woman’s place is in the kitchen, and she should go there immediately after returning from work.”  Being barefoot and pregnant is optional. The man of the house will make all decisions.

EDUCATION: Extensive education for the masses is totally unnecessary.  For the working classes, a minimal ability to read, write and do a few sums is all that is required.  For the limited middle class that will be necessary to run the grocery stores, dress shops and other such amenities important to the elite, a couple years more should suffice.  For the children of the elite, of course, higher education is required to polish their social skills.  This will be in private schools, preferably those with some religious affiliation. This will be funded via a voucher system.  However, this is certainly not to be considered an entitlement, but more a necessity to insure that the leaders for the future have the proper foundations.

MINORITIES: Afro Americans and Hispanics are expected to work in the fields, picking cotton, harvesting grapes or other necessary menial labor. A great part of this labor will be devoted to completing the massive fence along our border with Mexico. All Hispanics lacking the “proper” proof of citizenship will be immediately deported.

VOTING: In general, only the elite (those with some established income level and/or position of importance) will have voting rights.  Preferably voting should be restricted to males, as they are the only persons with the necessary understanding of the complexities involved, but exceptions will be made to accommodate those females with sufficient income or position.  Also, a minimal number of the middle class will be granted this privilege, but only white males who own property.

TAXES: All taxes, local, state and federal, will be held to the absolute minimum, especially to those of the elite.  The bulk of tax revenue must come from the middle and working classes. If this does not generate enough revenue to maintain the essential government services, then other means of revenue will be found.
GOVERNMENT: Ideally, there should be only a minimum of government.  There are certain functions, such as fire and police protection, that are necessary to protect the person and property of the elite.  But, many of the other departments and operations should be abolished.  The fact that this will cause many thousand to suddenly become unemployed does not seem to be a determining factor. 

HEALTH CARE: The dingbats are fiercely against the Affordable Care Act.  They will do almost anything to abolish it.  But, they have yet to say what they want to replace it.  Apparently they believe that nothing is required.  They, the elite, all have great medical insurance, so they don’t have to worry about this. For all the rest, tough! Medicare and Medicaid are too expensive for the minimum remaining government to support, so anyone who cannot afford the outrageous policies now available also cannot go to the emergency rooms, as that is a tax burden.  Maybe they should just die by the side of the road. 

NATIONAL DEBT: Not a problem.  We’ll just default and tell all our creditors “tough!” After all, we would have to extract more tax revenue from the elite in order to pay down the debt. That is a no-no!
ARMED FORCES:  We must have a strong Army!  However, this poses a problem. Armies and Navies, Air Forces, Marines etc.  are expensive to maintain. One solution might be to re-institute the draft.  As government activities are shut down all over America, there will be thousands out of work.  Many of these will be young and fit enough to serve as perpetual Privates. There will be no promotions as that would increase the cost. But, after all, our need will be for cannon fodder.  Leadership will come from the elite.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING:  This must be reduced drastically.  Nothing is sacred.  Everything must be cut, except, of course, for those pet projects by various members of congress necessary to ensure their reelection.  These will be funded, financed by some source of revenue not yet determined.

If you think all this sounds totally preposterous then you haven’t been paying attention. Listen to what is being said at the dingbat fund-raisers, where they are talking to their loyal followers.  It is frightening! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Restrictions on voting

The "dingbats" in the NC Legislature passed their voting restriction bill, claiming it was designed to stamp out voter fraud.  The trouble is they can't show very much voter fraud.  The new law ignores much of what voter fraud exists.  It totally ignores absentee ballots.  This is a shame.  I was really looking forward to showing my required picture ID card to the mailman when she delivered my absentee ballot.

There is nothing in the totally useless law to prevent me from voting absentee in another state, and in person here.

But, the new law also creates a problem, especially for women.  For example, I am retired military.  My wife has a dependent military ID card. Her name on that card is her first name, maiden name and my name. However, her name on her NC driver's license is first name, middle initial and last name. That is also the way she is listed on the voter roles. So, since a military ID card is an accepted form of identification for voting, she will use that when she votes.  It will be very interesting if a poll clerk tries to prevent her from voting because that is not the name on the voter roles.

However, many women might face similar problems, since they often change their names when they marry or divorce, or sometimes hyphenate their names.  If the "dingbats" try to impose the very tight name security that the claim is necessary to prevent voter fraud, then we may see some real fireworks.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Restrictions on voting

The "dingbats". in their zeal to ensure that only the "right" people will vote, have created a monster that will most probably rise up and bite them.

In their effort to prevent college students (who tend to be rather liberal)  from having equal access to the polls, the "dingbats" have decreed that such students should not be allowed to vote where they attend college because that is only a "temporary" residence.  According to the "dingbat" logic, such students should be required to return to their parents' home, and vote in that precinct.

This is so dumb!  The "dingbats" are too dense to realize that many college students are married, and have an apartment  or house where they attend college. This is most certainly their permanent residence. Would you have them return to their parents' home!

There is another interesting implication involved.  I spent many years in the US Navy, where I was transferred to a new duty station every 2-3 years.  My wife always registered and voted wherever we happened to be stationed. That was as permanent residence as we were going to have until my retirement.   I would have loved to see some "dingbat" politician try to tell my wife she couldn't vote because we were only "temporary" residents. Carried to its logical conclusion, such a rule could affect thousands of military personnel.

If they really try to enforce this ridiculous legislation, the monster will bite.


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Voter ID

The NC Legislature is hell-bent to make it difficult for the "wrong" people to vote.  Who are the "wrong" people?  Anybody who does not vote the dingbat ticket.

They want to eliminate most early voting; Sunday voting; one-stop voting etc.  These are the procedures that make it much more convenient for the "wrong" people to vote.  So, in the dingbat philosophy, these must be curtailed.

Probably the most stupid change is the requirement for some sort of a government issued, authorized, vetted picture ID.  They haven't figured out exactly where and how one is supposed to get one of these magical IDs, but then they don't worry about this small technicality, because if the "wrong" people don't have the right ID card, then they can't vote.  TA-DAH! Mission accomplished.

There is one truly idiotic bent to this legislation.  Studies have shown that one of the major causes of voter fraud (of which there is very little) involves absentee ballots.  The dingbats haven't explained just how this is supposed to work.  Do I have to show my ID card to the mailman when he delivers my ballot, or when I mail in the ballot? This is very important, and must be clarified.

Just exactly how is this unnecessary requirement supposed to stop me from voting absentee in one state, and in person in another state?  Come on, dingbats, Americans want to know.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

A "Wacky" Ledgisture

My older brother lives in Oklahoma City.  For many years, I have teased him about how Oklahoma always seems to have a truly weird bunch of "Wackos"  in their state legislature.
Now the tables have been turned.  North Carolina has surged to the front, and now there is no longer any argument.  We now hold the title!

It is amazing how this turn-about has occurred in such a short time.  North Carolina used to be a rather respectable state.  Now we are the laughing stock of the nation.

It is difficult to enumerate all the weird things the "dingbat" controlled legislature has done.  But with much effort, I have condensed what seems to be their political agenda down to two items.

First on the economic front: Cut taxes on the rich, in particular big business.  Reduce all regulations, so big business can make an obscene amount of money.  This eventually will "trickle down" to the lower classes, and all will be just wonderful. Part of this is true.  Yes, the good times will trickle down, but to the working classes in China, India or Bangladesh. We have previously proved that this pie-in-the-sky sky doesn't work in America.  But the dingbats keep trying.

Second, on the role of women:  This one is easy.  According to the dingbat philosophy, "Woman's place is in the kitchen, and she should go there as soon as she comes home from work." One of these days, the women of America are going to wake up and organize, and then the dingbats are going to be sleeping on the couch.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gunfight at the Old Well!

Sometimes it is hard to accept the fact that many dingbat legislators don't have the sense God gave a goose.  They tend to emphasize their lack of common sense on a daily basis.

Their latest example of stupidity?  Together with the NRA, they want to allow concealed weapons on college campuses.  It is extremely difficult to imagine a more stupid idea.  They actually want to allow young college students, who are already prone to too much booze and dope, to have lethal weapons available.

Talk about a recipe for immediate chaos!

I can see the headlines in the Daily Tarheel:  Gunfight at the Old Well.  2:00 PM every afternoon, M-F. .  Come early, bring a blanket or a beach chair.
Note: The university is not responsible for accidental gun wounds to the spectators.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The US Post Office wanted to eliminate Saturday regular mail deliveries.  I was totally in favor of that, but for a very selfish reason.  On the average, I receive 2.5 solicitations per day from various so-called charitable organizations.  That means I throw away (to our land-fill) an average of 2.5 pieces of junk mail.  Eliminating Saturday deliveries  would mean I have to do this only 5 days per week, although the Monday cache would be double.  That's a small price to pay in order to help the Postal Service save a little money.  On occasion I can give the Postal Service a little business.  Whenever some so-called charity sends me a pitiful plea for money, and includes a postage-paid envelope, I immediately mail back to them all the paper they sent me, with a note to put this in their land-fill.

I am retired US Navy, a veteran. I found out that once you give money to one veterans' organization, you are immediately besieged with pleas from dozens of other so-called veterans' groups.  I found, to my amazement, there are groups supposedly helping Paralyzed Veterans, Deaf Veterans, Blind Veterans, Wounded Veterans, Homesick Veterans, Unhappy Veterans, Out-of-work Veterans and probably many others. Using a program such as Charity Navigator, it is easy to check these groups.  There you will find that most of these spend 65-75% of their total revenue on fund raising. These groups don't do their own fund-raising.  They contract with one of the big national companies that do this to make money.  So the charity spends some 15-20% of total revenue on their programs.  When you give a donation to these groups, you are not supporting some veterans group.  You are helping a big fund raising company make money.

Another interesting thing that Charity Navigator will show you is the salaries paid to the officers of these groups. Apparently this is a nice way to make a living.  Even more interesting are the "family groups."  I found one where the Board of Directors consisted on a Mother, her two sons and her daughter-in-law. This isn't a charity, it's a family business!

I recently received a pitiful plea from an American-Indian school in South Dakota.  How did these people got my name and address?  Easy!  These big fund raising organizations consider your name and address to be common property, to be used wherever they want to use it. If you would like to see proof of this, give a small donation to some obscure group, but use a fictitious first name.  I like to use Alphonso.  Then sit back and keep count of how many pleas come addressed to that name.

Annually I give a substantial amount to legitimate charities, but I do this at the end of the year. I just have to put up with the constant barrage of pleas during the year.  One of the worst culprits is the Salvation Army.  Last year I kept a count, and realized I received 18 pleas during that year, that's 1.5 per month. Maybe if they didn't spend so much on fund-raising, they would have more for their programs.

Are any of these scams? Yes, Charity Navigator has reported a couple that could be so considered.

Support local charities.  That way, you can have some indication of how your money was used.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

DOMA must go!

I said I would stay out of this one, but I cannot stand aside and watch these idiotic ding-bats destroy our beloved country.

As a military veteran, I can understand some problems that the general population may not see.  Here is one example.

A military person on active duty is stationed in New York. He/She is legally married to his/her partner.  If something happens to the principal, his/her partner is a surviving dependent, with the prescribed privileges and benefits.  They have the exact same legal status as any other married couple.

Now, the military member receives orders to the Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Like any other married couple, they pack up and head for the new duty station.  But, as soon as they cross the state line into Oklahoma, they are no longer considered to be married.  If they had a car wreck and the principal was killed, the surviving partner would not be considered as a surviving dependent, under Oklahoma law. Now, the state of Oklahoma is about as backwards and out-of-step as it is possible to be, but the same problem exists in many other states.

This is ludicrous! What happened to the concept of equal right?  

DOMA must go!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random musings

We are really going to get a break this year.  We won't have to go to the circus to be entertained. We can just watch our state legislature in action, and be totally amused.  That is, if we don't cry instead.

While almost any other legislative body would be concentrating on some major problems, such as unemployment, budget deficits, health care costs, immigration or many other concerns, our distinguished body here in North Carolina seems to be more concerned with another major, major problem.  Of course I am referring to "nipples." Apparently some of our esteemed legislators are convinced that if a woman's nipple is seen in public, this will surely lead to major social unrest, mass riots and possibly the demise of civilization as we know it.

This entire fiasco has its roots in a topless demonstration held in Asheville.  I don't know what that demonstration was about, but who cares?  If the ladies want to go topless, be my guest! But, some of these dingbat legislators feel it is imperative that the state do something to stop such sinful behavior. So, they have introduced legislation to make it a felony  that's right, a felony under some circumstances to show a bare breast in public.  Heavens! What else must we do to keep our society clean and moral?

Can you see the total stupidity in such legislation?  First of all, it only applies to women, with one exception for nursing mothers. If the bill ever passed, there would be an immediate court case claiming gender discrimination. I agree!  Make the bill apply to men also.  They have ugly nipples, and run around bare chested.   Also, the proposed bill doesn't set any age limits.  Is a two-year girl wearing only a diaper subject to prosecution?  When does the horrible sin occur?  We've got to be more precise on these things, because there is going to be lots of police action.

The same dingbats who constantly yell that less government is better are who have proposed this legislation to make the state government intervene in everyday life. I wish they would make up their minds.  Of course  if they did, they would cut out a lot of the comedy.

Go Green!  Recycle the Legislature.