Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jane Fonda

Dear Hanoi Jane is back in the news, promoting her new book. The Gospel according to Jane is that she was just "misunderstood." She realizes now that she should not have had her picture made, sitting in an antiaircraft gun smiling for the cameras. Poor thing, the nasty press is picking on her.

I have only one question for this stupid bitch. Why the hell was she is North Viet Nam in the first place?

I was in Nam. And Jane Fonda is a stupid, arrogant, unmitigated treasonous slitch who should have been hung from the yard arm. I hope the nasty press runs her out of the country, because she doesn't deserve our rights and privileges.

My real complaint is that I can't tell her to her face what I think of her.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Stupid Caps-2

I hate to get on my soapbox again, but stupid, boorish people who wear ugly caps indoors really yank my chain.

Tonight we went to the theatre. Saw The Cocktail Hour by Guerney, a delightful production. However, my enjoyment was greatly diminished by the sight of one yahoo, sitting there with his stupid cap on his head. My God! Even in the theatre these people wear their caps. To make it worse, this idiot was the husband of one of the performers. You would think that anyone that close to the theatre might have a little bit of good taste.

Maybe this proves what I have often suspected: those caps are glued, rivited, stapled, nailed or otherwise permanently fixed, and cannot be removed. I wonder if these people sleep wearing their stupid caps?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


There's an ad running on TV that really shows the stupidity of some (most?) advertising people. This one is by Mercedes-Benz and ends up with the line "introducing the 4 door coupe."

It's a real shame that they didn't take some of their ad dollars and buy a dictionary, and then hire someone who can read. By definition, a 'coupe' is a enclosed vehicle with 2 doors! An enclosed vehicle with 4 doors is a sedan.

These idiots are trying to reinvent the language.