Friday, October 26, 2007

Foreign Ppolicy

It must be tough to be President and have to put up with 536 wannabe Secretary s of State. It's a damn shame that many members of Congress are too cheap to buy a copy of the US Constitution and read it. That way, they just might discover what their job really is, and more important, what it is not.

It is not to try to make foreign policy. The only role of Congress here is to "advise and consent." If they do lot like a treaty, they, Congress, has the right not to consent. But that is as far as they are authorized to go. They must learn this.

I cringe every time I read where some Congressman, elected to represent a district in Iowa or Arizona or Oklahoma, is off globetrotting, getting lots of media attention, and making stupid statements that often undo months of careful negotiation. But they just don't get it. They can't accept the fact that they were elected to represent one small geographic area, not to be Secretary of State. Maybe they think this will gain votes. To me, it only gains my scorn at their arrogant stupidity.