Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dingbat Instruction Manual

How to shoot yourself in the foot?

Find a loaded pistol;
Aim at your foot;
Pull trigger.

OR there's another way.

Pick a topic of particular interest to women. Hold a Congressional hearing, but don't invite any women to participate or testify. After all, what do women know about women's health problems?
When pinned in a corner, claim the whole affair is (A) just a misunderstanding; (B) a war on religion or (C) a Socialist plot.

The second alternative seems to be less painful, at least in the short run. Only time will tell the ultimate effect, like at election time.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dingbat stupidity

Now we have another example of total dingbat stupidity. This time it concerns availability (note that word) of contraceptives in hospitals, schools, or whatever operated by the Roman Catholic Church. This one I consider a perfect example of stupidity carried to a very high level.

Rick Santorum, The Gingrich, various Bishops, Arch-bishops, Cardinals, etc. are loudly proclaiming that the Obama administration has declared a WAR AGAINST RELIGION! To hear these people, you would think the Gov is going to tackle, hold down, tie up and force good Catholic women to take contraceptives.

What a total crock of BS! The rules say make it available. If they want to take it, Fine. If not, that's fine also. It's their decision, not the government. I suspect that the higher ups in the Catholic empire just might fear that if these are available, more "good" Catholics just might take advantage of the availability. But, it is their decision.

I am truly amazed how the dingbats have tried to convert this into an "Obama war against religion." It is also amusing to see how pious The Gingrich can be when disclaiming on this subject. When considering his background, it exceedingly difficult to accept any of his pronouncements on religion with a straight face.