Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Travesty

There seems to be a common thread in the news concerning any major university. It goes like this:

University cuts faculty and staff.
Programs eliminated or drastically curtailed.
Tuition increased.
Football coach gets a million dollar raise.

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that there is a major problem here. The regents have collectively lost their ever-loving minds!

Maybe it is time we got our priorities straight.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Dingbat idiocy

The Head Dingbat has now proposed another example of sheer idiocy. The Gingrich wants Congress (presumably he means the House) to have the power to subpoena so-called "activists" judges to appear before Congress where they would be forced to explain their rulings in certain cases.

I don't know about you but this sounds like a Star Chamber proceeding to me. Somebody needs to take The Gingrich aside and explain to him about the Constitution.

Of course the reasoning behind the judges' rulings are contained in their written opinions. Maybe the Dingbats don't read too well? Maybe they don't understand the legal terminology and want it explained in more simple terms? Maybe they just want more time before the TV cameras?

Such a proposal could have merit, IF it included one other provision. The Federal Courts should have the power to subpoena Congress, or members thereof, to explain why they passed some totally stupid legislation, or why they caved in to pressure from lobbyists, or just why they have failed to perform their elected duties.

Our Constitution provides for three separate but equal branches of government. What is fair for one should be equally fair for another.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Go Green

Go GREEN---recycle Congress.

That’s the latest quip floating around on Facebook. But, really thinking about it, this might well be good advice. Since our present Congress has repeatedly demonstrated that they are incapable of performing their duties, maybe it is time to replace them. Were this a business, and we had hired a crew to perform some tasks, and they proved incompetent or venal or just plain stupid, we would fire them and go look for replacements.

Of course there is a down side to this. What might we get as replacements? When we were discussing local elections, my old Daddy gave me some sound advice. He said “Boy, always vote for the incumbent. He has already stolen all he’s going to get. A replacement would have to start fresh, and it would cost more in the long run.” What we might get as replacements could be a major disappointment.

I am constantly amazed at some of the statements coming from the dingbats. Now they are attributing “mystical powers” to President Obama. Just recently I heard another reference to “Obama’s Afghanistan War.” I was around at the time, and I’m sure that war started in 2002, long before he was elected. I have also seen references to “Obama’s TARP Program” you know, the one that was started during the last year of the Bush Administration. Any President with the powers to do things like that even before he is elected is one we probably should keep. Those sorts of powers might come in handy.

Just today I heard the ultimate in Dingbat mendacity. This came from the Romney campaign, which I thought would have had more class. They took an excerpt from a speech by President Obama in 2008, where he was quoting a statement by an aide to Senator McCain. They very conveniently omitted that part of the speech where President Obama stated he was quoting the aide, to make it appear that this was a factual statement by the president. Now that is the epitome of low-class dirty politics. The idiots should have known the media would check this out and expose their perfidy. They don’t care! There are lots of people out there who will believe this sort of lie. Heaven help us if the Dingbats get in power!

Science is not a Liberal conspiracy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dingbat humor

I stand corrected. I feared that this political season would prove to be bereft of humor. That would be a dismal prospect, for there certainly is no worthwhile humor on commercial TV. But, I am pleased to report, that the dingbat candidates have introduced a marvelous brand of humor into the campaigns. I guess we can call this brand of humor “listen to what I say but don’t believe a word of it because I’m going to contradict it in the next sentence.” You have to listen fast and loose, because any truth in any statement is fleeting.

During the Las Vegas debates, how many times did we hear this sequence: “The government is too big, too intrusive, too complicated, and must be cut back, reduced or eliminated?” Then the next sentence was: “The government should be doing more about this problem, or spending more on that problem.” Make up your mind dingbats!

It is amusing how the same people who rant about how government is so intrusive are perfectly willing to have the government dictate how we think or what we believe. If the dingbats have their way, your ideas about same-sex marriage or abortion will be rigidly controlled. They would pass laws telling you what you can believe. That is a croc! As my old grand-daddy said, “ain’t nobody gonna tell me what I can think.”

One of the other really humorous items concerns taxes. Now, this is not normally a funny subject. Nobody likes to talk or even think about taxes. But a couple of the dingbats have introduced some humor into this discussion. They didn’t intend to introduce humor into this rather serious subject, but it happened. Now, it is well known to anyone who has followed all the debates, discussions, forums, interviews or any other means used to introduce personal beliefs, that the dingbats are not great supporters of education. They also seem to demonstrate a deficiency about simple arithmetic. I’m not talking rocket science here, or even math, just simple number manipulation. They have proposed the infamous 9-9-9 plan, or a “flat rate tax plan,” Both are regressive, more onerous on the lower income groups, but their proponents just can’t seem to grasp this.. Here is a simple example: family A has a gross income of $30,000 per year; family B has one of $100,000. Both families buy $100 worth of groceries. The tax for each is $9.00. But for family A, that is .0003% of their annual income. For family B, that is .00009% of their income. What is so difficult to understand about this? Any flat rate tax hurts the lower income classes more.

“Two-Gun” Perry firmly believes that the only solution to all our problems is to support (turn loose) the “awl bidness” as they say in Texas. “Drill, Baby, Drill” is his motto. Of course if we follow his advice, in 4-5 years we might have some improvement, at least in Texas, but also a hell of a lot more pollution. But then, that’s the price one must pay for success.

Also, the head lady dingbat has chimed in with a solution to all the health care problems. According to her, we don’t need any form of government sponsored health care. The hospitals and various charitable organizations have enough money on hand that they can take care of all the indigent people. Now that would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. Do these people think, or is this merely propaganda learned but not understood?

I suppose if you listened to FOX News all day, then you too could memorize and then repeat outrageous statements, incorrect facts or just plain lies.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Republican dilemma

I almost feel sorry for the Republican dingbats. They have some serious problems, and apparently no idea how to solve them. Some of their problems are self-inflicted, but others just because history has caught up with them.

One of their problems is rather comical. They are having just one hell of a time trying to remember all the things they used to be against but now favor, and vice versa. Maybe someone should build them a good cheat sheet. Of course that assumes they can read.

The Congressional dingbats have another problem. They can’t decide where their allegiance lies. Is it to America, to the district that elected them, or to Grover Norquist. This could evolve into a real problem if their electorate begins to get a little nervous. Another election for the House is always just around the corner.

Now the dingbats have a new problem. Religion has reared its ugly head into the primary campaigns. I, for one, welcome this. I was getting a bit bored with the campaign since Sarah is out and Michelle has disappeared off the radar. I depended on those two for some comic relief. But now we will be entertained by some fanatical “religious” persons saying some rather stupid things in a most pious manner. Some of these I define as self-proclaimed born-again, holier than thou, I’m right and you’re wrong sanctimonious windbags.

The fun here has already started. Poor Rick Perry, who has not scored well in the debates, had to find a spokesman. Who else could he find than a Southern Baptist preacher from Dallas? If you understand Texas politics, you know this is natural. But, in the process of attacking Milt Romney and his Mormon Religion, they have accidently or not attacked all other Protestants. Listen carefully to what this preacher says. By his definition of what constitutes a “Christian” he excludes most all the other protestant churches. This may become interesting.

It is also interesting to watch how the dingbats can ignore the problem of unemployment. I have yet to hear of any proposal for job creation from that side of the aisle. They just can’t seem to realize that job must be created. Action is required! All I am hearing is the same disproven platitudes that if we just eliminate all business regulations and reduce all taxes then everything will be fine. The best economists calculate that this action would show some results by 2015. It is Reagenomics all over again. Big business prosperity will trickle down to the working class. That much is true, but now the working class is in China or India.

They also can’t grasp the concept that massive budget reductions involve massive lay-offs of personnel. We have enough unemployment now. Why add to it?

Oh well, the next few months may be fun.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dingbat mendacity

In normal times, I like to watch MSNBC, FOX and CNN news, hopefully to get a balanced view of current events. I find I can no longer watch FOX, because I can’t stand the distortions, false innuendos and outright lies they promulgate.

In the past week, I have been told about a vast conspiracy concerning President Obama’s birthplace; I have heard sly references to the “death squads” who are going to call Grandma and Grandpa in for a conference to determine if they will be allowed to live any longer; the pundits have discussed Obama’s wars; the so-called historians have pontificated about the failure of Obama’s TARP program; and they are crying great crocodile tears all about how the Administration has brought us to financial ruin.

Do you suppose the dingbats are really that stupid? Can they not read? Have they not been paying attention for the past 7-8 years? Yet they say these things with great sincerity, as if that will somehow make it true. Think about it! The “birther” and “deather” conspiracies were disproved a long time back. The wars were started under the previous administration. The first TARP program will before the last Presidential Election. The present financial crisis originated 5-6 years ago because some major financial institutions did some really stupid things.

We hear a constant bleating of the dingbat’s mantras: you know, No more taxes; smaller government; reduction of expenditures; change the Constitution; and so forth. These might all be fine sentiments, but no one has bothered to explain exactly how we are supposed to do this. It’s as if we are just supposed to vote for any dingbats, and all these things will just miraculously happen. Sorry but neither life nor government works that way.

This all reminds me of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. There, the ruling pigs had to come up with something simple the sheep could remember and repeat, over and over. In that case, it was “four legs good, two legs bad.” For the current crop of dingbats, I would propose: “Ideology over Reality” except I doubt many of them would understand it. Too many seem to suffer from a bad case of “facto prohibito” which loosely translates as “don’t confuse me with facts.”

Friday, August 05, 2011


Much has been trumpeted recently about jobs. The dingbats constantly yell that we must do something to stimulate (that’s a dirty word) job creation. The problem is that I don’t think they really understand what they say. So, let’s have a short lesson in Economics 101.

There are only two classes of jobs. Private industry, which we will call P, and Government, we call G. There is a third group, the unemployed, we call U. These three then make up the total work force, or WF. So we have a simple formula: P+G+U=WF.

This simple formula applies whether we are talking about a city, county, state or nation. It will always be in equilibrium.

WF will constantly change. It will increase as people reach employable age, or graduate from college, etc., and will decrease as people die or retire. No matter, P, G and U must change to stay in balance. Ideally we would like our formula to look like this:

P + G + U = WF. Private industry is hiring; government employment is shrinking, and unemployment is low. But we’re not there.

Private industry is not hiring. Why? There are several reasons. One, we become more efficient and automated so that fewer workers are required; Two, many of our jobs have been outsourced to other countries; and Three, we run into a paradox. Industry will not expand (and hire) until there is a demand for its products. With so many unemployed, there is little demand simply because people do not have the money to spend.

Now the dingbats want to cut government programs. So, if we suddenly decrease G, by canceling programs or departments, then P must expand hiring or U will increase to maintain the balance. The same holds true if industry, P, lays off workers. Either G or U must expand.

Another erroneous assumption is that we can realize immediate savings by an immediate reduction in the size of government. This doesn’t wash. Suppose we decide to do away with the EPA (the dingbats really hate this entity) and lay off 30,000 workers. Surely this will generate immediate savings. No! First, these are probably all covered under Civil Service. This would be a RIF (Reduction in Force) so they would be entitled to severance pay. Then, they are eligible for unemployment benefits. They will pay less income tax. They will generate less sales tax, since they cannot afford to buy much. In the short run, where are the savings? Yes, there are great savings to be realized by reformation of government, but they must be the result of a slow, gradual and planned reduction so not to overload the ranks of the unemployed.

To be truthful, since we are in a recession, our formula probably looks more like this:

P + G + U = WF. Industry is not hiring, so unemployment is rising. Government employment has stayed relatively stable, but will soon decrease. When that happens, we will see: P + G + U = WF. And that is the formula for a depression.

Our last full depression was greatly alleviated by government stimulus programs, but only fully corrected by WWII. Is that the dingbats’ final solution?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What debt crisis?

To paraphrase Churchill, "never in the field of human endeavor has so much been said by so many about so little." This farce is about to wind down. Thank goodness! In this process we have managed to create a non-existent problem; shoot ourselves in the foot; make the entire US look totally stupid in the eyes of the rest of the world and waste thousands of hours arguing back and forth, and in general, look totally stupid!

Sometime I think our elected congressmen should not be allowed out of the house without a keeper. They just don't seem to be able to understand the consequences. As one noted economics professor put it, Failure to pay our bills wold signal to the world that U.S. politics are so dysfunctional that we can't even avoid serious and unnecessary self-inflicted wounds. And if we can't avoid a self-inflicted wound, the world financial markets will just freak out.

It is now difficult to remember that all that was required was a one paragraph bill that changed some numbers. This was not new taxes. It was not new expenditures. It was merely to pay for things already purchased. The dingbats had to turn this into a major media event. And in order to enjoy their misbegotten sense of power, they may well really hurt out standing in the international financial markets. How stupid can we be?

Personally I wish the President had invoked the 14th Amendment (which many of the dingbats claim does not really exist), raised the debt limit and maybe let our congress get back to the problem of jobs. That might still happen.

Do you suppose the dingbats clap each other on the back and brag about how they have screwed the public once again?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christian Socialism

Christian Socialism. That sound like an oxymoron. The dingbats yell constantly about how they want "small" government. In their liturgy, a government that doesn't, in any way, interfere with the functions of big business. Yet, at the same time, they want this streamlined government to dictate how we think and act according to their standards.

As you listen to the dingbats all across the US, you begin to understand exactly what they want: they want the government to outlaw abortion; they want the voting requirements changed so only "correct" people can vote; they want to ensure that only "creationism" is taught in schools; they want to abolish many aspects of our religious freedoms; they would restrict our traditional freedom of speech if what we might want to say doesn't agree with their tenets; they want to ignore parts of our Constitution that do not agree with their assumptions.

What else can we call this? We are dealing with fanatical evangelicals whose motto is: If you don't agree with me 100% then you're going to hell.

Monday, July 25, 2011


All day I have listened to the dingbats yelling how "the government has failed" or "the government can't solve our problems" or "the government is too big and must be reduced in size."

Sounds real good. But as soon as we have some catastrophe, such as a flood, a hurricane or a tornado, what do we hear? "The government ain't doing enough for us" or "the government should be doing (fill in the blank)."

Sorry! You can't have it both ways. This reminds me something that happened during a public hearing on zoning in a western county. One old farmer stood up and declaimed "Ain't nobody gonna tell me what I can do with my land, but don't you let my neighbor put a pig farm on his."

Make up your minds, dingbats.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fractured Politics

For many years I have prided myself on being totally non-partisan. I would never allow a political party to dictate to me how I should vote. I am long registered as “unaffiliated”, and I vote for the man/woman I feel is best qualified for the job. I have voted for democrats, republicans, socialists, progressives or what have you.

Times have changed. I would now find it very difficult to vote for a republican running for the office of county dogcatcher. Given no other choice, I would vote for an avowed communist over a republican. I truly feel that would be less dangerous to America.

It is well known that the republican party sold out to the religious right many years back. Now the party is caving in to the teabaggers. For less typing strokes, I will refer to this unholy amalgamation as the dingbats, which so aptly describes their position. To me, it seems their ultimate goal is to establish a “teaocracy” which embraces many long discredited economic policies.

I find it increasingly difficult to take these people serious! When you have dingbat leaders proclaiming on national media that the current heat wave is the result of a government conspiracy; or that the Statue of Liberty is really a Greek Goddess, and should be destroyed, or that the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution should be ignored, or that the direct election of US Senators should be repealed or hundreds of other equally stupid pronouncements, the only response is good laugh. But then, you must stop and think: My God, what would happen if these total dingbats got into power?

One must ask: Haven’t these people ever read history? Haven’t they been paying attention the past 10 years? Maybe they have been too busy going to church or searching for evidence of new conspiracies to notice reality.

My mission? To debunk as many of their asinine ideas as possible. Some may disagree with me. Fine! Get your own blog and write what you like.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fractured English

I have long maintained that most local sports reporters could not pass 5th grade English. Here is another example.

The Sanford Herald, July 6. In an article about a local high school football team, this reporter wrote "The Jackets lost much of their offensive weapons from a team that made a deep playoff run last season to graduation,..." SAY WHAT! I never knew that playoffs were involved in high school graduations. How does this work? Does the winning team get to graduate and the loser stay another year? If you lose in the first round of the playoffs do you have to stay in school even longer? Somebody explain this to me.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How's That Again?

Reading the local newspaper is a daily source of comedy. For this paper, like so many others, the concept of proof-reading before publishing is totally alien.

Great story today about an advocacy group that wants elected officials to enact legislation to prevent employers from asking questions about the criminal history of job applicants.

This group describes itself as an advocacy group for "formerly incarnated persons."

I can certainly see why an employer would not want to hire anyone who had been "incarnated" as that term means "embodied in flesh, especially in human form," such as a fiend incarnate.

Now, if the advocacy group is concerned with persons who have been previously "incarcerated" then that's a different story.

Friday, May 13, 2011

An obscene contract

An article in today's paper reported on a new contract given to the basketball coach at a major university. The new coach will get a base salary of $250,000 per year. In addition, he will get an annual payment of $1.45 million for "personal services and fund raising." Looks to me like you could forget this payoff and you wouldn't need as much fund raising.

But the real kicker is this: The coach will get an annual bonus of $300,000 each May for staying another full year. Can you believe this? The man is under contract. The university will pay him a bonus for every year he doesn't break the contract! This is ridiculous! I wish VISA would pay me a bonus for every month that I pay my bill. That's part of a contract.

I think there should be another clause in that contract. The coach should pay the university an annual bonus for every year they don't fire him.

I think this is but another example of what is wrong with many American universities. They are more concerned with sports than with education.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Birthers again"

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has just proved to the world that he is a blithering idiot! Actually I would have thought better of the boy. You would think that anybody with that much money would have a little smarts. Alas, such is not the case.

Trump has taken to heart the old, dreary, long-disproved and discredited theory that President Obama was born in Kenya (or someplace not in the US) His argument? President Obama does not have a Birth Certificate. Instead he has a Certificate of Live Birth. To Trump, that document is illegal, immoral, unethical, sinful and possibly contagious. To Trump, this is proof that it was all part of a vast conspiracy.

I would expect such stupidity from some illiterate red-neck who only believes what his preacher tells him.

My daughter was born in the Naval Hospital at Naval Air Station Memphis. She was issued a Certificate of Live Birth. This is the practice in many states. Long ago the courts determined that this is just as legal as a Birth Certificate. I would love to see Trump tell her she is somehow illegal, and not a US citizen. She would eat him alive!

I guess if you want to run for president, and think you must corral all the dingbat votes, then you can justify, to yourself, why it is necessary to be totally stupid. We can give Trump that much credit. I wonder how much money he is willing to spend to prove again that he is a total nit wit, and unfit to run anything more demanding than an automatic elevator.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make up your mind!

The hypocrisy of some so-called leaders is appalling. I often wonder how some politicians can look at themselves in a mirror, and not understand they are looking at the image of a two-faced, forked tongued liar?

For two weeks or more, some of these “leaders” have been yelling that we must do something to help the rebels in Libya. The were roundly criticizing President Obama for not taking immediate action.

The President wisely ( I think) waited until we had UN agreement. For many reasons, this is important. Only then did we take direct action.

Now these same “leaders” are yelling that he, the President, moved too fast, that he took precipitous action, that he should have referred the problem to Congress. For what? We didn’t need a declaration of war—this is a UN action. We certainly didn’t need Congress to spend several weeks to argue, which would probably have involved a filibuster or other parliamentary tactics to delay taking any action. Our Congress can’t even figure out how to keep our government running.

Being President in this climate is a case of being damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thought Control

Are we seeing the onset of attempted “thought control?” Consider. The Radical Republicans, by using a rather sneaky maneuver, are attempting to delete any Federal funding for National Public Radio. The “stated” reason for this is to make NPR stand on its own, supported only by the public. Anyone not living under a rock can recognize the hypocrisy in such a position.

The truth of the matter, as I see it, is not that NPR has demonstrated any bias against the world view of the Radical Republicans. NO, NPR reporting is probably as objective as we are ever going to see. Of course, it is a sad commentary on America that the most objective reporting of American news is from the BBC. No, the complaint of the RR’s is that NPR is objective. RR’s don’t like this. They want 100% support, ala Fox News. They have no time for partial or limited agreement. It’s either “agree with us or you’re trash!”

In this respect they remind me of certain religious groups, whose attitude is “We’re right, and everybody else is wrong. Either completely agree with us or you’re going to hell!”

In another development, there was an ongoing study exploring the possibility of constructing a new toll road in southern Wake County. Certain groups did not want such a road built, so they got a legislator to introduce a bill to stop it. The contents of the bill are unusual. Not only does it deny any funding for construction, but also denies funding for any further study. Consider the implication of that. The message is “Not only can you not do it, you can’t even think about it.”

Shades of Brave New World or 1984. Thought control is sneaking in the door.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Great Gasoline Scam!

So now we are paying $3.30 or more per gallon. Why? Because we are getting a royal shaft.

Think about it. The price of crude at the well head has not increased. But, the traders, fearing that there MIGHT be a shortage in the future, are driving up the price investing in futures. Yes, sometime in the future they will be paying more for crude. But not now!

So why has your local gas station suddenly increased the price by $.30 or more? Because they are giving us a royal shaft! The gas in their tanks was delivered last week or even earlier. It was purchased under a contract that may have been in effect for 6 months or more. Whatever! The cost to the station has not yet increased. So why have they raised prices? Because they can and get away with it. If you ask them, they will say "Oh, the price has gone up because there is a global shortage." BALDERDASH! We have a several month reserve sitting in tankers.

What can we do about it? Nothing! Oh yes, if you could somehow get all the drivers in an area to agree not to buy from a single station, whether BP, Shell, Exxon or whoever, that would have an effect on that brand in that area. But all the other stations would continue to rake in their obscene profits.

It will be interesting to see, at the end of 2011, how many billions in profit the major oil companies are reporting.

So do you feel loved? No way! We are all getting the royal shaft, and not even getting a hug and kiss afterward.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Beware of AARP

I received a very chatty email from AARP, telling me they had found an article about me in the local newspaper. That was a complete surprise to me! I hadn't given any interviews to the local paper.

They provided a long, complicated link to this so-called "article." There, I found the article, complete with a long quote from me supporting one of their pet projects. There were several sidebars supposedly explaining how I had organized a local group in support, or how I was the leading local "activist", or how I was going to Washington to lobby for their project.

There was only one thing wrong with all these "articles." They were all LIES!

That's right. Someone at AARP had made up all this crap, using my name. I wonder did they think I was so old and stupid that I was going to be impressed to see my name in print?

I probably should sue the arrogant SOB's for libel. Their actions certainly fit one of the definitions for that. Else maybe I should send them a bill for using my name in one of their lobby/advertising schemes.

One thing for sure. They are now on my permanent shit-list. I have already told them, in clear, precise language which even such ass-holes should understand, that I never want to hear or see them again.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trust your bank?

Big news this week is that a major bank, one of those scions of American industry, cheated over 4,000 military personnel on their mortgages. Not only that, but they fraudulently foreclosed on 14 homes. All this occurred while the military member was deployed to the war zone. When banks start screwing around with my military brothers, I get pissed! I can think of a whole lot of punishments I would gleefully impose on this bank. They certainly deserve to have their asses kicked.

What has the bank had to say about this? Oh, they admit they were required to reduce the mortgage for deployed personnel, but they didn't do it. Why? They're not saying. Could it be that in their greed they made a corporate decision to ignore the law, in quest of the almighty dollar? Could it be that some bank bigwig decided that the way to earn a huge bonus was to show a large profit, to hell with the fact that he was he was screwing some military people out fighting for our freedoms?

The bank has said they would process refunds. Isn't that wonderful? What about the 14 homes illegally foreclosed? Does the bank merely think that a refund will make everything right? Were I in charge, this bank would be required to purchase new homes, handle all the costs, including moving the families in, and pay a very large penalty for the pain, suffering and anxiety experienced by these families.

Of course, my Republican friends are still preaching that we must reduce or eliminate regulations on business, that these stifle the ability of corporate America to do business. Yeah, sure. What we really need are even stricter regulations to stifle the propensity of corporate America to cheat, lie and steal.