Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Dingbat idiocy

The Head Dingbat has now proposed another example of sheer idiocy. The Gingrich wants Congress (presumably he means the House) to have the power to subpoena so-called "activists" judges to appear before Congress where they would be forced to explain their rulings in certain cases.

I don't know about you but this sounds like a Star Chamber proceeding to me. Somebody needs to take The Gingrich aside and explain to him about the Constitution.

Of course the reasoning behind the judges' rulings are contained in their written opinions. Maybe the Dingbats don't read too well? Maybe they don't understand the legal terminology and want it explained in more simple terms? Maybe they just want more time before the TV cameras?

Such a proposal could have merit, IF it included one other provision. The Federal Courts should have the power to subpoena Congress, or members thereof, to explain why they passed some totally stupid legislation, or why they caved in to pressure from lobbyists, or just why they have failed to perform their elected duties.

Our Constitution provides for three separate but equal branches of government. What is fair for one should be equally fair for another.

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