Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Republican losers

I had an interesting conversation (debate?) with a hard-shell Republican. He earnestly tried to convince me that I too should support his party, and should work at it as much as he did (or tried to do). I heard the usual litany of problems facing the US: unemployment; deficits; too much government control; too much involvement in foreign affairs; too many restrictions on big business and sundry other problems, large and small. He followed this with an impassioned plea that I should “join in the fight,” as he put it, to clean up the mess.

My answer was simple. “No, I don’t support losers.” He got rather upset with that, and started in on how much his party has gained in the last election, and how much more they expected to win in the next. I cut him off short. “You may have won congressional seats, but you are still losers. Yes, we are facing many problems. Yes, positive action will be required to solve them. Yes, it will be a long, difficult battle. Many difficult decisions and many unpopular actions will be required. But your party isn’t willing to even try. Your leadership has decreed that their goal is not to help America or to solve any problems, but only to make sure the present administration doesn’t solve problems or help America. What they are saying is to hell with America and her problems. If they can defeat President Obama, and make sure that no problems are solved during his leadership, then they will be a success. That’s a real chicken-shit goal! Do nothing and make sure nobody else does anything constructive. No thanks. That’s the mark of a loser, and I don’t support losers. I may be old but I’m not stupid.”

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big League Goof

It is well known that the newspapers have abolished the position of proof reader. Look at any paper on any day and you can readily see the effect of this cost cutting.

It is also apparent that the wire services have followed. This little gem came from the Associated Press on November 11. The reporter was commenting on the relationship between two football players, and gave us this thoughtful insight:

"Haden lived with Newton for 1 1/2 years and considers his former roommate when the two were at Florida his best friend."

I don't know what you should call this. There is certainly a 'dangling' something or the other here. It would be difficult to take this simple statement and muddle it up any worse. Vive la educaciĆ³n!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election of 2010

Congratulations, America! You now have the best government that big money can buy.

But, don't get too euphoric about this. Remember all those millions and millions of $ that big corporations plowed into the campaigns? These are the same corporations that our Supreme Court has decided should have the same rights as people. Don't kid yourself. All that money was not a gift or a donation. Oh no! That was an advance payment, or maybe just a down payment. The bill will come later, and it will be a whopper!

So, enjoy while you can, America. You will pay in the end.