Sunday, March 27, 2005

School Zones

There is a middle school a block away from my house. I drive that street several times each day on my way to and from town. The posted speed limit is 20, and and clearly marked. I take an exquisite pleasure in slowing all the vehicles following me. Apparently, many drivers on that street are just too stupid to realize it is a school zone, or else they just don't give a damn.

Last week, as I approached the school, I was slowing, doing 25, when I saw a pickup coming up behind me. I guess that idiot thought he was in a hurry, because he was doing at least 40. Just as he came roaring up right on my bumper, I hit the brakes to get down to exactly 20. HAH! Stood that red-neck sucker on his nose. Watching through the rear view mirror, I could see the contortions of his face, and imagine the blast of profanity. I didn't give a rat's ass. He had to follow me, and we were going all the way through that school zone at 20, whether he liked it or not.

I have driven that street many times, and have had students run out into the street several times. So, I am careful. But damn, that felt good to make that idiot blow his cool.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Congressional Stupidity

The US Congress is at it again. I guess they are not getting enough publicity, so they resort to stupid actions.

First, they have decided it is imparative that they 'investigate' use of steriods by baseball players. From the way they are jumping into the spotlight, you would think this is crucial to national defense! I wonder under what Constitutional authority they are conducting this essential investigation? Is this a part of interstate commerce; collecting import duties; establishing Post Offices; declaring war or or maybe punishing piracy? Just where in Article II of the Constitution is the power given to Congress to meddle into how a sport is played? Any scholar will say this is far beyond the reach of Congressional authority. But, it's a slow time, and some of the committee members have not been getting the publicity they crave. So they waste millions 'investigating' baseball.

If that isn't enough, the House tried to subpoena a 'dead person.' The person is question has been in a total vegatative state for 15 years. And the House wanted her to come and testify!!!! Is that not a hoot?

There are many times that I think I would like to have some of whatever it is our
congressmen are smoking.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Highway litter

America-the land of the free and the home of the slobs.
I took a trip last week, from here in western North Carolina to Jekyll Island, Georgia. Since I get bored with interstate highways, I went down through the middle of Georgia, through Athens, Millidgeville, Dublin, Videlia, and Waycross.

I was appalled at the amount of litter along the highway. All the good 'bubbas' there just throw everything out the car window. The roadsides are littered with beer cans, styrofoam cups, napkins, paper sacks--you name it is there. In those rural counties, nobody ever picks up anything.

Here, at least we make an effort. We have a minium security prison, and we put the prisioners to work along the state roads. Where they can't work, then various groups work at picking up the litter. It's a never-ending job, as a lot of slobs live around here also.

I guess if you are accustomed to living in squalor, as evident in many of the house around here where the 'bubbas' live, then litter along the road doesn't bother you.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Minding my own business

Nothing yanks my chain worse than people who who consider themselves so perfect they can afford the luxury of letting their own business go on automatic so they have the time to worry about my business. I know many of these people think it is their God given mission on this earth to reform others, in particular to reform me.

I encountered one of these today. I was in the grocery store, and my cart was loaded with several brands of beer, as I was stocking up for a party. This little old prim, pious and petulant lady in line behind me sniffed a few times, put on her most holy face and said "I think it is just scandalous for you to waste your money of those vile things. Your body is a holy temple, and you should respect it. All that is the work of the Devil!" You can see immediately what kind of 'kook' I was dealing with.

Up until then, it had been a nice day. I didn't want to spoil the day, so I was tempted to just ignore the sanctimonious old bitch, but decided she needed to be zinged a bit. So, putting on a sweet smile, I replied "Madam, I sure you have many virtues, and I am equally sure I have many faults. But, I have one virtue that goes far to atone for my many faults. On the other hand, you have one fault that totally wipes out all your virtues-real or imagined. Do you know what that is? My one virtue, Madam, is that I mind my own business. I wish the hell you would also."

With that, I went about my business of checking out, and let her standing with her mouth open. God, that felt good!