Saturday, March 19, 2005

Congressional Stupidity

The US Congress is at it again. I guess they are not getting enough publicity, so they resort to stupid actions.

First, they have decided it is imparative that they 'investigate' use of steriods by baseball players. From the way they are jumping into the spotlight, you would think this is crucial to national defense! I wonder under what Constitutional authority they are conducting this essential investigation? Is this a part of interstate commerce; collecting import duties; establishing Post Offices; declaring war or or maybe punishing piracy? Just where in Article II of the Constitution is the power given to Congress to meddle into how a sport is played? Any scholar will say this is far beyond the reach of Congressional authority. But, it's a slow time, and some of the committee members have not been getting the publicity they crave. So they waste millions 'investigating' baseball.

If that isn't enough, the House tried to subpoena a 'dead person.' The person is question has been in a total vegatative state for 15 years. And the House wanted her to come and testify!!!! Is that not a hoot?

There are many times that I think I would like to have some of whatever it is our
congressmen are smoking.

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