Saturday, March 12, 2005

Highway litter

America-the land of the free and the home of the slobs.
I took a trip last week, from here in western North Carolina to Jekyll Island, Georgia. Since I get bored with interstate highways, I went down through the middle of Georgia, through Athens, Millidgeville, Dublin, Videlia, and Waycross.

I was appalled at the amount of litter along the highway. All the good 'bubbas' there just throw everything out the car window. The roadsides are littered with beer cans, styrofoam cups, napkins, paper sacks--you name it is there. In those rural counties, nobody ever picks up anything.

Here, at least we make an effort. We have a minium security prison, and we put the prisioners to work along the state roads. Where they can't work, then various groups work at picking up the litter. It's a never-ending job, as a lot of slobs live around here also.

I guess if you are accustomed to living in squalor, as evident in many of the house around here where the 'bubbas' live, then litter along the road doesn't bother you.

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melancholicmonkey said...

Hey do you know who that guy was who cleaned the highway around here somehting like a guy named Joe did he die i saw the sign that siad in rememberance of him oh and my church participates in the roadside clean up we do ratclife cove if your interested