Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Keystone Pipeline

The dingbats are at it again. Apparently in the dingbat world, you can say anything without regard for facts. This often leads to some really stupid pronouncements carried on national media.

One of the dingbat poobahs, speaking on national television, stated that the Keystone Pipeline was absolutely necessary to reduce our dependence on "foreign oil." Looks like this particular politician is a spokesman for the "awl bidness" as they say in Texas. But I have to wonder what rock he lives under.?

This pipeline is designed to carry sour crude, extracted from Alberta tar sand, to refineries in the Houston area. Last time I checked the atlas, Alberta is in Canada and Canada is not in the United States. Ipso facto, this will be "foreign oil."

This pipeline is designed to cross the Ogallala Aquifer, the major source for water in the central US. A bad leak in that area would prove disastrous.

Those target refineries are clustered in the Houston area. That makes it very convenient for a major hurricane, or terrorist action to take them all out. For what this pipeline is going to cost, it seems to me that it would be cheaper to build a new refinery in Wyoming.

As for the claim that no tax payer money will be involved, if you believe that, I have some Las Vegas real estate and some Nigerian treasury bonds I will sell you at a real good price.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Political polling

To all you pollsters out there busy earning your fees. I have some very important news for you. I'm writing this very slowly, so you can understand it.

You have bombarded me with your poll results, three or four or even more every day. If a candidate so much as hiccups you produce a new poll supposedly explaining how this will affect the voting decision for some obscure section of the electorate.


So what if your latest poll shows that 3.28% of red-headed step-children registered as independents and living in the three westernmost counties of South Carolina are still undecided?


I am very patient, and happily willing to wait until election night to find out all these exciting things. So please go someplace else. Maybe in Finland, or China or perhaps in southern Tasmania the natives might be interested in such drivel. So do us all a favor. Go there!