Friday, January 15, 2016

Functions of the President

Among the many functions of the President is to represent the US in international affairs. Among many other things he must negotiate with leaders of other countries.

Now that brings us to a problem.  Can you imagine Donald Trump negotiating with the Prime Minister of England?  Or of France.  How about Trump meeting with Angelia Merkel? Please spare us the embarrassment!

But the absolute worst scenario:  Donald Trump having an audience with the Queen of England.

Heaven protect us from such a tragedy!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Puzzlement

I am really puzzled about some things I have seen recently. There are a couple of televangelists who seem to be claiming a new (at least to me) concept in religion. As I listen to and read their pulpit rantings, I keep getting this theme:  "If you don't believe exactly the same as I do, then you're a sinner!"

Whoa there! I thought that was God'S job, to decide who were sinners. How come these earthlings now have this task?

Listening and reading further, I realize the really important factor.  They claim that God speaks to them directly. Aha!  Now I understand.  This is some sort of a franchise arrangement. These teleboys have some sort of a license whereby God tells them the ground rules, and then they get to apply them.

Since there are more than one of these teleboys, I have to wonder just what sort of territorial jurisdictions have been assigned.  Maybe it's something to do with what network they are on.

In a way you just have to admire these teleboys.  They are true entrepreneurs. They have discovered a product, and developed a market.

Bless us all here in the good old USA.