Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Puzzlement

I am really puzzled about some things I have seen recently. There are a couple of televangelists who seem to be claiming a new (at least to me) concept in religion. As I listen to and read their pulpit rantings, I keep getting this theme:  "If you don't believe exactly the same as I do, then you're a sinner!"

Whoa there! I thought that was God'S job, to decide who were sinners. How come these earthlings now have this task?

Listening and reading further, I realize the really important factor.  They claim that God speaks to them directly. Aha!  Now I understand.  This is some sort of a franchise arrangement. These teleboys have some sort of a license whereby God tells them the ground rules, and then they get to apply them.

Since there are more than one of these teleboys, I have to wonder just what sort of territorial jurisdictions have been assigned.  Maybe it's something to do with what network they are on.

In a way you just have to admire these teleboys.  They are true entrepreneurs. They have discovered a product, and developed a market.

Bless us all here in the good old USA.

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