Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care Reform

It is said that if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, people will believe it. Such is the case now with Health Reform. Certain persons, Limbaugh, Palin et al have been telling a monstrous lie. What is really sickening is that these cretins know it is a lie, but have been persistent in repeating it.

Why? To get revenge. First: The American voters threw the Republicans out of office, realizing governing by their old-boy network had brought the country to the brink of disaster; and Second, because they can’t stand the fact that the elected President is black.
Therefore, their approach is to oppose anything and everything. Who cares if this hurts the nation? Who cares if it hurts Americans? By God, they will have their revenge!

The current debate on Health Care Reform is a perfect example of this mendacity. These idiots are screaming “death squads” and euthanasia and “ do in Grandma!” This is all pure Bull Shit!

Look at the facts: HR 3200, introduced July 14, 2009 is the proposed legislation in question. Section 1233 of that bill is titled ADVANCE CARE PLANNING CONSULTATION.

What this section says is that every 5 years, an individual may have a consultation with a practitioner (defined in the section as a MD, NP or PA) regarding advanced care planning. Medicare will pay for this consultation. Notice the key word “MAY.” It doesn’t say the death squad will come by to check on Grandma, or that Grandpa must undergo an examination every 5 years to see if he will be allowed to live. That is what the liars are trying to tell the American public.

Probably the most inflammatory rhetoric concerns creating an “order regarding life sustaining treatment.” In short, this allows an individual to state his/her preferences regarding life sustaining treatment. IF executed by the individual, it allows him/her to state whether they want full treatment, or to limit some or all or specified interventions.
For example, a person could specify that if they were in a comatose state, they did not want artificial nutrition and hydration. This is nothing new. Such preferences have been incorporated in living wills for years. It relieves the family of the burden of making such decisions. The key point is that it is the individual’s desire.

There is a provision that such an Advanced Care Planning Consultation may be performed more frequently if there is a significant change in the health condition of the individual. I’m sorry but that doesn’t mean that if you are diagnosed with cancer, you have to go before the “Death Review Board.” What it does mean is that in that case, if you don’t have a Living Will, you will be given the opportunity to create one or to change an existing one. This would be in consultation with a practitioner. Medicare will pay for it.

So, you can do what I did: Get a copy of the bill and read it, or you can be really stupid and listen to what the liars are telling you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Health Care Reform-Orwell was right

Do you remember Animal Farm?George Orwell hit it right on the nose. In that story, the pigs had to come up with a simple slogan the sheep and remember and repeat. They settled on "Four legs good--two legs bad" which the sheep bleated over and over. It worked, helping to keep the stupid mass of sheep appeased.

We are seeing a similar process in action now. The FRRI (that's the fundamentalist radical republican idiots) have come up with some equally simple slogans for the masses. Listen, and what do you hear? Death Squads, martial law, government takeover, socialized medicine.

It is really difficult to accept the fact that some Americans are so stupid they actually believe that one innocuous provision of a proposed House bill means that the Death Squad will come to their house and do away with Grandma.

I really find it difficult to believe that some people are actually that dumb! I suspect that such people never read a newspaper, never listen to the national news on radio or television, and are too willing to listen to and believe the outrageous lies of some RFFI.

How low, oh America, will you sink before finding fortitude?