Sunday, August 16, 2009

Health Care Reform-Orwell was right

Do you remember Animal Farm?George Orwell hit it right on the nose. In that story, the pigs had to come up with a simple slogan the sheep and remember and repeat. They settled on "Four legs good--two legs bad" which the sheep bleated over and over. It worked, helping to keep the stupid mass of sheep appeased.

We are seeing a similar process in action now. The FRRI (that's the fundamentalist radical republican idiots) have come up with some equally simple slogans for the masses. Listen, and what do you hear? Death Squads, martial law, government takeover, socialized medicine.

It is really difficult to accept the fact that some Americans are so stupid they actually believe that one innocuous provision of a proposed House bill means that the Death Squad will come to their house and do away with Grandma.

I really find it difficult to believe that some people are actually that dumb! I suspect that such people never read a newspaper, never listen to the national news on radio or television, and are too willing to listen to and believe the outrageous lies of some RFFI.

How low, oh America, will you sink before finding fortitude?

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