Sunday, March 27, 2005

School Zones

There is a middle school a block away from my house. I drive that street several times each day on my way to and from town. The posted speed limit is 20, and and clearly marked. I take an exquisite pleasure in slowing all the vehicles following me. Apparently, many drivers on that street are just too stupid to realize it is a school zone, or else they just don't give a damn.

Last week, as I approached the school, I was slowing, doing 25, when I saw a pickup coming up behind me. I guess that idiot thought he was in a hurry, because he was doing at least 40. Just as he came roaring up right on my bumper, I hit the brakes to get down to exactly 20. HAH! Stood that red-neck sucker on his nose. Watching through the rear view mirror, I could see the contortions of his face, and imagine the blast of profanity. I didn't give a rat's ass. He had to follow me, and we were going all the way through that school zone at 20, whether he liked it or not.

I have driven that street many times, and have had students run out into the street several times. So, I am careful. But damn, that felt good to make that idiot blow his cool.

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NICE!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!