Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Go Green

Go GREEN---recycle Congress.

That’s the latest quip floating around on Facebook. But, really thinking about it, this might well be good advice. Since our present Congress has repeatedly demonstrated that they are incapable of performing their duties, maybe it is time to replace them. Were this a business, and we had hired a crew to perform some tasks, and they proved incompetent or venal or just plain stupid, we would fire them and go look for replacements.

Of course there is a down side to this. What might we get as replacements? When we were discussing local elections, my old Daddy gave me some sound advice. He said “Boy, always vote for the incumbent. He has already stolen all he’s going to get. A replacement would have to start fresh, and it would cost more in the long run.” What we might get as replacements could be a major disappointment.

I am constantly amazed at some of the statements coming from the dingbats. Now they are attributing “mystical powers” to President Obama. Just recently I heard another reference to “Obama’s Afghanistan War.” I was around at the time, and I’m sure that war started in 2002, long before he was elected. I have also seen references to “Obama’s TARP Program” you know, the one that was started during the last year of the Bush Administration. Any President with the powers to do things like that even before he is elected is one we probably should keep. Those sorts of powers might come in handy.

Just today I heard the ultimate in Dingbat mendacity. This came from the Romney campaign, which I thought would have had more class. They took an excerpt from a speech by President Obama in 2008, where he was quoting a statement by an aide to Senator McCain. They very conveniently omitted that part of the speech where President Obama stated he was quoting the aide, to make it appear that this was a factual statement by the president. Now that is the epitome of low-class dirty politics. The idiots should have known the media would check this out and expose their perfidy. They don’t care! There are lots of people out there who will believe this sort of lie. Heaven help us if the Dingbats get in power!

Science is not a Liberal conspiracy.

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