Thursday, February 03, 2011

Beware of AARP

I received a very chatty email from AARP, telling me they had found an article about me in the local newspaper. That was a complete surprise to me! I hadn't given any interviews to the local paper.

They provided a long, complicated link to this so-called "article." There, I found the article, complete with a long quote from me supporting one of their pet projects. There were several sidebars supposedly explaining how I had organized a local group in support, or how I was the leading local "activist", or how I was going to Washington to lobby for their project.

There was only one thing wrong with all these "articles." They were all LIES!

That's right. Someone at AARP had made up all this crap, using my name. I wonder did they think I was so old and stupid that I was going to be impressed to see my name in print?

I probably should sue the arrogant SOB's for libel. Their actions certainly fit one of the definitions for that. Else maybe I should send them a bill for using my name in one of their lobby/advertising schemes.

One thing for sure. They are now on my permanent shit-list. I have already told them, in clear, precise language which even such ass-holes should understand, that I never want to hear or see them again.

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