Friday, July 22, 2011

Fractured Politics

For many years I have prided myself on being totally non-partisan. I would never allow a political party to dictate to me how I should vote. I am long registered as “unaffiliated”, and I vote for the man/woman I feel is best qualified for the job. I have voted for democrats, republicans, socialists, progressives or what have you.

Times have changed. I would now find it very difficult to vote for a republican running for the office of county dogcatcher. Given no other choice, I would vote for an avowed communist over a republican. I truly feel that would be less dangerous to America.

It is well known that the republican party sold out to the religious right many years back. Now the party is caving in to the teabaggers. For less typing strokes, I will refer to this unholy amalgamation as the dingbats, which so aptly describes their position. To me, it seems their ultimate goal is to establish a “teaocracy” which embraces many long discredited economic policies.

I find it increasingly difficult to take these people serious! When you have dingbat leaders proclaiming on national media that the current heat wave is the result of a government conspiracy; or that the Statue of Liberty is really a Greek Goddess, and should be destroyed, or that the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution should be ignored, or that the direct election of US Senators should be repealed or hundreds of other equally stupid pronouncements, the only response is good laugh. But then, you must stop and think: My God, what would happen if these total dingbats got into power?

One must ask: Haven’t these people ever read history? Haven’t they been paying attention the past 10 years? Maybe they have been too busy going to church or searching for evidence of new conspiracies to notice reality.

My mission? To debunk as many of their asinine ideas as possible. Some may disagree with me. Fine! Get your own blog and write what you like.

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