Thursday, April 04, 2013

DOMA must go!

I said I would stay out of this one, but I cannot stand aside and watch these idiotic ding-bats destroy our beloved country.

As a military veteran, I can understand some problems that the general population may not see.  Here is one example.

A military person on active duty is stationed in New York. He/She is legally married to his/her partner.  If something happens to the principal, his/her partner is a surviving dependent, with the prescribed privileges and benefits.  They have the exact same legal status as any other married couple.

Now, the military member receives orders to the Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Like any other married couple, they pack up and head for the new duty station.  But, as soon as they cross the state line into Oklahoma, they are no longer considered to be married.  If they had a car wreck and the principal was killed, the surviving partner would not be considered as a surviving dependent, under Oklahoma law. Now, the state of Oklahoma is about as backwards and out-of-step as it is possible to be, but the same problem exists in many other states.

This is ludicrous! What happened to the concept of equal right?  

DOMA must go!

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