Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random musings

We are really going to get a break this year.  We won't have to go to the circus to be entertained. We can just watch our state legislature in action, and be totally amused.  That is, if we don't cry instead.

While almost any other legislative body would be concentrating on some major problems, such as unemployment, budget deficits, health care costs, immigration or many other concerns, our distinguished body here in North Carolina seems to be more concerned with another major, major problem.  Of course I am referring to "nipples." Apparently some of our esteemed legislators are convinced that if a woman's nipple is seen in public, this will surely lead to major social unrest, mass riots and possibly the demise of civilization as we know it.

This entire fiasco has its roots in a topless demonstration held in Asheville.  I don't know what that demonstration was about, but who cares?  If the ladies want to go topless, be my guest! But, some of these dingbat legislators feel it is imperative that the state do something to stop such sinful behavior. So, they have introduced legislation to make it a felony  that's right, a felony under some circumstances to show a bare breast in public.  Heavens! What else must we do to keep our society clean and moral?

Can you see the total stupidity in such legislation?  First of all, it only applies to women, with one exception for nursing mothers. If the bill ever passed, there would be an immediate court case claiming gender discrimination. I agree!  Make the bill apply to men also.  They have ugly nipples, and run around bare chested.   Also, the proposed bill doesn't set any age limits.  Is a two-year girl wearing only a diaper subject to prosecution?  When does the horrible sin occur?  We've got to be more precise on these things, because there is going to be lots of police action.

The same dingbats who constantly yell that less government is better are who have proposed this legislation to make the state government intervene in everyday life. I wish they would make up their minds.  Of course  if they did, they would cut out a lot of the comedy.

Go Green!  Recycle the Legislature.

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