Friday, December 21, 2012

Gun control

Today I watched a totally preposterous speech/sermon/diatribe by Wayne Lapieere of the NRA.  This performance was insulting to any intelligent person.

I won't take the weeks necessary to refute all the stupid statements he made, but instead merely point out a few of the omissions.

He was not very specific.  For example, he wants armed guards at all schools.  Does he really mean all?  All elementary schools? All middle schools? All high schools? Public schools only?  How about private schools or charter schools?  Do church schools qualify?  What about day-care?  That's a type of school.

Why do we stop there?  What about colleges and universities?  Trade schools?  Community colleges? What about the military academies?

He left out a few other places where his logic dictates that we need armed guards.  What about movie theaters?  Shopping malls?  Subway stations?  Oh yes, what about military bases, like Ft Bliss?  Surely there were some armed personnel there.  Didn't help.

If nothing else, this would certainly solve the unemployment problem, as we will need many thousand armed guards. That is, if we want to become an armed, everyone carry your six-shooter (or Uzi) society.

Guns don't kill people.
People kill people

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