Saturday, December 01, 2012

Post election hangover

The election hangover.
I had hoped that by now, the dingbats would accept the fact that they lost, put it behind them, and get down to business.  I was wrong. But at least it has been interesting to see how much they had believed their own spin, and were convinced they would win handily.  They were shocked at the results.  All those millions spent and for what?  A rousing defeat.

It has been educational to follow the sequence.  First was the denial, as the big dogs could not bring themselves to admit they lost. They just could not accept the fact that a majority of voters didn’t like their programs, philosophy and attitude.

Second came the search for excuses for why they lost.  Something or somebody had to carry the blame.  Over the next weeks following the election, we heard several excuses:  it was Hurricane Sandy; or it was a conspiracy among the Latinos and the Blacks, somehow fomented by President Obama; or it was fraudulent votes in every state the President won, especially on early or absentee ballots; or the President bought the election by giving away entitlements, such as Medicare and Social Security; or something similar. It became rather comical to see the big dogs stand before the Fox cameras, and proclaim how the evil Democrats had somehow been better at stealing votes than they were.
But, to me, the funniest was how they tried to pillory Governor Christie, and actually blame him for their loss.  Governor Christie, of course, was doing the job he had been elected to perform.  But, the dingbats accused him of committing high crimes and misdemeanors, for which he should be excommunicated from the party, and probably hung at high noon.  What were the horrible crimes he committed?  He stood too close to President Obama on the airport tarmac, and GASP! dared to ride in the President’s helicopter while they surveyed the damage from Sandy.  I must admit this one was hard to believe.  I couldn’t imagine even the dingbats being so callous, mean, fault-finding and downright stupid.

Now, round 2 begins as we fight over “the cliff!”  Make your bets now. My prediction is that there will be an awful lot of lies told between now and December 31.

The other side show is how Sen. McCain and his merry band have decided to attack Susan Rice, the assumed nominee for Secretary of State.  Her crime: she appeared before the UN and made a statement, based on the information available, that was later proven to be untrue.  To the dingbats, this was another vile conspiracy to do something or the other.  They conveniently  forget that Colin Powell did the same thing just before the Iraqi invasion.  Isn’t that strange?

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