Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Election of 2012

Some musings about the election

This last election set many records. 

Most money spent during a campaign.
Most lies told during a campaign.
Most number of losers who were convinced they were winning
until the results began to come in.

The election left many questions unanswered:

How does Karl Rove explain to his angels that he spend $690 million
 and got nobody elected?

What does Paul Ryan do now?  He’s like an evangelist without
a congregation.

What does Mitt Romney do?  Can he go back to one of his many estates
and putter around in the garden?  Poor guy only has around $500 million
to live on. Of course, some of the more irreverent pundits claim the only
reason he was running for President was so he could add that to his resume,
 in case he wants to run for the office of God.

Do you suppose the leaders of the dingbats have finally figured out that if
they try to disenfranchise a bloc of voters, and failing that, just totally ignore
that bloc, then that bloc will vote against them?  We have a couple of
examples of this.

A bunch of the losers should have heeded the old adage:  “Beware the woman
scorned, lovely in her wrath.” I wonder how many members of the “rape team” 
are sleeping on the couch because the bedroom door is locked?

Can you believe it” Some are already pontificating about the 2016 election.
 Please.  Give us a break!  We have enough problems to worry about.

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