Thursday, August 01, 2013

Voter ID

The NC Legislature is hell-bent to make it difficult for the "wrong" people to vote.  Who are the "wrong" people?  Anybody who does not vote the dingbat ticket.

They want to eliminate most early voting; Sunday voting; one-stop voting etc.  These are the procedures that make it much more convenient for the "wrong" people to vote.  So, in the dingbat philosophy, these must be curtailed.

Probably the most stupid change is the requirement for some sort of a government issued, authorized, vetted picture ID.  They haven't figured out exactly where and how one is supposed to get one of these magical IDs, but then they don't worry about this small technicality, because if the "wrong" people don't have the right ID card, then they can't vote.  TA-DAH! Mission accomplished.

There is one truly idiotic bent to this legislation.  Studies have shown that one of the major causes of voter fraud (of which there is very little) involves absentee ballots.  The dingbats haven't explained just how this is supposed to work.  Do I have to show my ID card to the mailman when he delivers my ballot, or when I mail in the ballot? This is very important, and must be clarified.

Just exactly how is this unnecessary requirement supposed to stop me from voting absentee in one state, and in person in another state?  Come on, dingbats, Americans want to know.


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