Saturday, August 31, 2013

Restrictions on voting

The "dingbats". in their zeal to ensure that only the "right" people will vote, have created a monster that will most probably rise up and bite them.

In their effort to prevent college students (who tend to be rather liberal)  from having equal access to the polls, the "dingbats" have decreed that such students should not be allowed to vote where they attend college because that is only a "temporary" residence.  According to the "dingbat" logic, such students should be required to return to their parents' home, and vote in that precinct.

This is so dumb!  The "dingbats" are too dense to realize that many college students are married, and have an apartment  or house where they attend college. This is most certainly their permanent residence. Would you have them return to their parents' home!

There is another interesting implication involved.  I spent many years in the US Navy, where I was transferred to a new duty station every 2-3 years.  My wife always registered and voted wherever we happened to be stationed. That was as permanent residence as we were going to have until my retirement.   I would have loved to see some "dingbat" politician try to tell my wife she couldn't vote because we were only "temporary" residents. Carried to its logical conclusion, such a rule could affect thousands of military personnel.

If they really try to enforce this ridiculous legislation, the monster will bite.


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