Monday, September 30, 2013

Restrictions on voting

The "dingbats" in the NC Legislature passed their voting restriction bill, claiming it was designed to stamp out voter fraud.  The trouble is they can't show very much voter fraud.  The new law ignores much of what voter fraud exists.  It totally ignores absentee ballots.  This is a shame.  I was really looking forward to showing my required picture ID card to the mailman when she delivered my absentee ballot.

There is nothing in the totally useless law to prevent me from voting absentee in another state, and in person here.

But, the new law also creates a problem, especially for women.  For example, I am retired military.  My wife has a dependent military ID card. Her name on that card is her first name, maiden name and my name. However, her name on her NC driver's license is first name, middle initial and last name. That is also the way she is listed on the voter roles. So, since a military ID card is an accepted form of identification for voting, she will use that when she votes.  It will be very interesting if a poll clerk tries to prevent her from voting because that is not the name on the voter roles.

However, many women might face similar problems, since they often change their names when they marry or divorce, or sometimes hyphenate their names.  If the "dingbats" try to impose the very tight name security that the claim is necessary to prevent voter fraud, then we may see some real fireworks.


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