Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gunfight at the Old Well!

Sometimes it is hard to accept the fact that many dingbat legislators don't have the sense God gave a goose.  They tend to emphasize their lack of common sense on a daily basis.

Their latest example of stupidity?  Together with the NRA, they want to allow concealed weapons on college campuses.  It is extremely difficult to imagine a more stupid idea.  They actually want to allow young college students, who are already prone to too much booze and dope, to have lethal weapons available.

Talk about a recipe for immediate chaos!

I can see the headlines in the Daily Tarheel:  Gunfight at the Old Well.  2:00 PM every afternoon, M-F. .  Come early, bring a blanket or a beach chair.
Note: The university is not responsible for accidental gun wounds to the spectators.


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