Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm back!

For better or worse, I can now return to my blog. A long bout of poor health has kept me off the airways. I'm now again ready to give The Resident Curmudgeon's view on about everything.

Is there anything dumber than the continuing posturing about stem cell research? I absolutely cannot understand the fundamentalist's position. Why is it OK to "discard" (that means do away with, or destroy them or trash them or whatever) embryos created in a fertility clinic, but not to destroy embryos created for stem cell research? In the one case it is OK, but in the other case it is abortion. BALDERDASH! Such embryos are no invivo, and in no way are human organisms at that stage.

More and more I am convinced our President is a total dunce, and should return to Texas where he can have tea with Molly Ivins, and try to raise cattle. He hasn't done anything else right.

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