Monday, August 06, 2007

It's not my fault

I love to read the really dumb letters to the editor. There was one in the Raleigh News % Observer last week that really yanked my chain.
This lady, 8 months pregnant, was stopped for speeding. She was very irritated because the Police Officer who noted she had two children in the car, and was expecting a third, told her she should know speeding was dangerous.
The speeder was chasing a tow truck that had a clown-like minivan on the back. As she said, "My kids said, that has to be a clown. Get it, Mom. That's why I was speeding. I was just appeasing my children."
She went on to say "Had it (the tow truck) not been there, I wouldn't have been speeding."

AHA! It wasn't her fault. It was the tow truck's fault.

Is this not a perfect example of our "nothing is my fault, blame somebody else" mentality we Americans seem to have developed?

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