Friday, February 20, 2009

The Lamestream Sports Media

There was a press conference a couple of days back. A "famous" baseball player was explaining how he had used some banned substances, and was now begging forgiveness. Yawn! Big deal. So what? This seems to be an everyday event.

There were 200 media people there. Think about that. It took 200 "specialists" to cover one story. This doesn't count the hordes of network "experts" who yapped constantly before, during and after the press conference.

Does it require that many different versions to explain what was or was not said? That seems totally insane.

Let's be generous, and say that half the media there were photographers. That leaves only 100 reporters. But if each writes 5,000 words (they would have to write that much to justify their expense accounts) then we have a good sized novel being produced.

Is it any wonder that many of our national media companies are in financial difficulty? Their management must be totally incompetent.

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