Monday, July 13, 2009

The confirmation circus

It has started! The Big Top Tent is up, and the performers are in place. For a short while (too damn long) it appeared the confirmation circus would be over shadowed by the MJ Circus, a pure media event. But that one has ridden off into the sunset, clearing the stage for the Washington opening.

Featured in this circus are 19 Senators, none of whom have ever met a microphone or TV camera they didn't love. Each of these performers have an uncanny ability--they can hide a question inside a 10 minute speech. It is amusing to watch the confirmee struggle to ascertain exactly what is the question hidden among all that verbige. Good luck to her-she'll need fortitude to listen to all this without becoming totally bored out of her skull.

Someone please explain to me why we need a network "color commentator" during this hearing? We have such animals at football, basketball, baseball, tennis and other such media events. They are supposed to dazzle us with their inside knowledge of what really is going on, as the networks consider viewers as too stupid to understand otherwise. But, we need this at a confirmation hearing?

I think the "lame stream media" has gone too far. Their attitude seems to be that everything exists for the sole purpose of allowing them to sell ad space.

And mark my words, when Satomayor is confirmed, the first question the media will ask is "How did you feel.....?" I wish to hell they would find another question. I'm tired of hearing quasi-literate personalities being asked to describe something they don't even understand.

How low have we fallen? We take a washed-up drug addict freak who happens to be a ex-pop star, and allow the media to turn his funeral into a week long extravaganza of greed and mercenary interests.

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