Friday, December 17, 2010

Majority Rule

I was always taught that a "majority" was one more than one-half. Since there are 100 Senators, then a majority should be 51.

In our Congress, a majority is required to pass any legislation. But in our Senate, it seems that some different mathematics are in play. There, a majority is 60!

Now let's see if I have this right. The way the Senate calculates this requirement, 50% of 100 +1 = 60.

No wonder things are so totally screwed up. Our Senators, those paragons of virtue, intelligence, morality, fidelity, honesty and integrity cannot do simple math.

Maybe it is time we sent this whole bunch back to school for remedial math, and brought in a new crew. If we do this, then one of the prerequisites to run for the office will be to demonstrate a working knowledge of basic math. There are a lot of other requirements I would like to impose upon any candidate, but I will settle for this as a starting point.

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