Friday, May 30, 2014


I vowed that I would not write anything more about the totally stupid actions by the dingbats in the NC Congress.  I have problems controlling the anger I feel every time these idiots again display their total ignorance about history, reality and concern for the common folk.

However, they have now pushed through, without debate, new legislation designed to expedite "fracking " for natural gas hopefully located in Harnett, Lee and Chatham counties.

They totally ignore the physical evidence coming from other sites where "fracking" is practiced.
That would be bad enough, but there is one other even greater problem.

The oil and gas corporations who are so insistent that they be allowed to immediately harvest this hoped-for bonanza have failed to answer the one most critical question concerning this operation.

Let's assume they are able to recover natural gas from the shale formations. The question then is:

 What are they going to do with the gas? 

Where is the nearest pipeline terminal?  How do they propose to get the gas from the well head to that terminal? Do they propose a monstrous fleet of tanker trucks roaring up and down the winding, narrow back roads?  Maybe they will propose to build a pipeline extension into the area.  How long will that take?  What do they plan during the interim?

I think it is wonderful that some people will make good money from drilling leases.  But, what about the rest of us?  How much do we have to suffer?

As usual, the dingbats are totally concentrating on big business, and to hell with the people!

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Glenda Beall said...

Great post, Al. I agree.