Monday, January 23, 2006

New Senate hearings

I read that two different Senate committees now plan to hold hearings about the alleged unlawful wiretaps.

Why does it take two Senate comittees to discover something? Are they so incompetent and inept that one hearing cannot find out everything that needs to be known? Don't these committees talk to each other? What a god awful waste of time and money to have two hearings on the same subject!

Of course we know the answer. By having two hearings, that will allow more Senators to be on TV, and to make long pontificating statements (instead of asking questions), and to appear busily looking after the business of the US.

After the Alito hearings, I swore I would not watch any more. I'm tired of seeing so many arrogant, egotistical fluff-heads posturing about, and, in some cases, making fools of themselves. Seeing Senator Tubby Teddy mouthing pious platatudes about ethics and morality almost made me ill.

There is no escape from these masquerades. Elections keep coming up every so often.

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Aaron Bonar said...

The Real Solution respects your opinion, and merely wishes the same from you.
You want a real proposal? How about tightening airport security to it's immediate post-9/11 standards? How about not just securing the Mexican border, but the Canadian one as well so that the countless attempts on LAX originating from that nation might have been prevented? How about actually finding and killing the man responsible for nearly 3,000 American deaths instead of dismissing him as "no threat" to us anymore?
There are countless proposals. The horrible thing is that this administration knows them; they simply refuse to implement common sense measures.
Thank you for your time.