Sunday, January 15, 2006

The War on Christmas

There are some people who own computers but should never be allowed to write letters, especially to newspapers. Doing so only publicly displays their ignorance.

A recent letter to the Asheville, NC Citizen-Times stated that the so-called "assault on Christmas" was actually a ploy on the part of the Republican party to divert attention from other problems the Republican Party was enduring. This is really stupid!

For one thing, the Republican Party is dependent on the "fundamentilist Christian right" for much of their support. An attack on Christmas is totally out of line.

Second, the Bush Republicans are just not smart enough to use such a ploy. Sure, there are many who just love to suspect a vile conspirary behind every bush and tree, but to deliberately use such a campaign is beyond the comprehension of the ruling cabal. That would require some reverse psychology, and this group has never shown itself capable of such deep thought. When the ruling Republican Party commit crimes, they do it in the open, arragantly assuming nobody will notice the discrepancies. The reverse is proving true, but I doubt they have noticed yet.

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