Monday, July 26, 2010

Boss Bird

I recently put up a hummingbird feeder. It is attached to our screen porch so we get a close up view of them while they are feeding. They are beautiful and very entertaining.

But, one bird has decided the feeder is his (I assume it is a male. I can't see them well enough to determine sex, but only a macho male would act like this) He flies in, has his fill, and then perches on a nearby trellis and stands guard. Woe unto any other hummingbird that dares approach the feeder. Boss Bird launches a kamikaze attack and drives them away.

I would never have thought that such a cute, tiny little bird could be so territorial and so aggressive! I can't tell if it is only other males he drives off, or is he impartial as to sex. I wonder if he allows his own mate to feed while he is on guard. I have never seen him allow any other to feed.
Maybe he flies back to he nest and then allows her to feed.

I'm sure it is the same bird, as he always perches at the same spot on the trellis. Yesterday I watched as he stood guard for over an hour. During that time, he had two snacks, and drove off three interlopers. Nobody else feeds while he is on duty!

I wish I knew just how many hummingbirds I have in my yard and surroundings. I could put up more feeders, but this guy might decide they all belong to him.

I guess this proves that macho males have the same attributes, no matter what the species.

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