Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I promised myself I would not write about politics this year. So far, I have strayed only a couple of times. But now I realize I can have my say by writing, not about politics, but about comedy.

Many people have mourned the dearth of comedy on TV. These people are not watching the right programs. There is some really great comedy out there, but it is all on the various news programs. That’s where the dingbats are quoted, and they are getting a lot of air time, and saying a lot of really stupid things. The networks and the “talking head” analysts love this. It makes their job so much easier. The analysts in particular are in heaven. They don’t have to do any research, or even write their opinions. They can just wait for one of these dingbats to say something stupid, which seems to spontaneously occur every time they open their mouth, and then take them to task. Must be a good life.

Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed the political season. I haven’t laughed so much in years. I’m not certain which is my favorite dingbat theory. There have been so many, like the “birthers”, the “deathers”, and all the various conspiracy theories. Some people are just not happy unless they can put the blame on some kind of conspiracy.

Probably the best total dingbat conspiracy theory concerns the fourth plane in the 9/11 attack. According to some of the “teabagger” dingbats, this plane did not crash killing all on board. Instead it landed a secret airport (no one seems to know where) The passengers were loaded onto a military transport which then took off (apparently by remote control) flew to some unknown location where it was shot down by other military jets. The original plane was then flown to Pennsylvania (again by remote control?) where it was crashed into that field. Why? Because this was some sort of vague, unknown, fuzzy conspiracy by the US Government to do something? The dingbats are not sure, but they are convinced that somehow the government must be at fault. Now, isn’t that worthy of a slot on comedy central?

There seems to be only one consistent attribute for the dingbats. They all have the same motto. “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.”

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