Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Proposed Amendment 1

The proposed Amendment 1 to the NC Constitution is unconstitutional!  That sounds like a real oxymoron.  But consider:  One of the arguments in support of this amendment is that it will protect the sacrament of marriage.  The dingbats claim that "marriage" is a religious ritual, an essential part of "their" church.  Yet Amendment 1 of the US Constitution specifically bars any "...law respecting the establishment of religion..."  The courts have long held that the term "establishment" has far-reaching consequences. 

The rest of that portion of Amendment 1 has equally damning results.  It continues "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  What if my church believes in same-sex marriage, and considers that a sacrament?  This proposed amendment would prohibit that, again in direct conflict with the US Constitution.  Sorry folks, but the US Constitution trumps.

The dingbats apparently can't or won't understand the implications of what they are proposing.  Maybe somebody should sit down with the leadership and explain it to them.  

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