Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dingbat Lies

The dingbats are at it again.  I keep thinking we have finally seen the ultimate in low-down, dirty politics but they are super resourceful.  No matters how big a lie, or how dirty a tactic, they always manage to top it.
Now they want to revive the “birther” ploy.  These people just won’t accept the truth.  My God, so far we have seen the long form and the short form of President Obama’s birth certificate, all certified, verified and confirmed!  He was born in Hawaii.  His Mother was an American citizen, therefore he is an American citizen. End of discussion.

But no, now a functionary in Arizona tried to demand that he personally must be provided with a certified copy, sworn to and affirmed by everybody above the rank of traffic patrolman or he, the functionary, will not put President Obama’s name on the ballot.  Can you comprehend the audacity of this?  They have even brought back Donald Trump from wherever he has been hiding.  Of course they want his money (although they certainly haven’t received any of the big bucks yet) so they are willing to showcase him and let him bleat like a lovesick cow about the great conspiracy to disguise the birthplace.  George Will, the noted Conservative columnist, with whom I seldom agree, had it exactly right with his description of Trump as a “blithering idiot.”

The lies continue.  Now they claim that the Obama administration is spending more than any administration in history.  That is a lie!  Actual spending is lower now.  But to the dingbats, truth is a rather nebulous entity.  Remember back in the early days of the primary when one candidate made a totally false statement?  When the press caught him out on this, his staff tried to pass it off by saying “it was not meant to be a factual statement.”  No, it was meant to be a lie!

I have tried mightily to propose logical explanations for the continuing actions by the dingbats, but more and more I am resigned to one simple reason.  It is nothing more than pure racial bigotry.  There is a black man in the white house and they just can’t stand this, so they are willing to take the entire US down to catastrophe to achieve their goal of “racial purity.”  Sounds like something from Nazi Germany.

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