Friday, June 29, 2012

The dingbats have me confused

I need some help here.  I realize my memory is not that good anymore, but I am certain that Mitt Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts not too many years ago.  While he was Governor the state enacted a very comprehensive health care law.  At its passage, Mitt declared that legislation as being the greatest thing since sliced bread, or something to that effect.

Now, Mitts seems to forget, ignore, pretend not or deny that he was ever the Governor.  He also states that the so-called Obama-care, which is closely patterned after the Massachusetts plan,  is "evil incarnate", the worst thing since Adam pulled a scam on Eve.

Now, this is confusing to me.  Tthe same arguments Mitt was using to support the Massachusetts health plan enacted while he was Governor (if he ever was the Governor) he is now trying to use against Obama-care.

Do you see why I am confused?  Was he the Governor? Did they pass a health plan?  Did he support it?  Or is this all just a figment of my imagination?

Of course by tomorrow this may all be a moot point.  Mitt has rather accurately been described as the "weather vane candidate".  If you don't like what he seems to believe, just wait a bit.  He'll probably change to your satisfaction.

In the interim, somebody please explain to me exactly what is happening.

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