Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Dingbat politics

Dingbat Political Lies (often disguised as ads)

As I watch the political ads on TV, and listen to radio/TV interviews, I am convinced there is no limit to the nonfactual statements, twisting of the truth or outright lies pronounced by the dingbats. 

However, I am waiting for the ultimate TV ad  You know the one, you see it every day as some marketing firm tries to sell you a super deal on some useless gadget.  Here is what I think will be the dingbat version.

Now, for the first time on TV, the RNC Corporation is giving you this opportunity to own your own dingbat political slate.  If you order today, we will send you Mitt Romney AND Paul Ryan for only three easy payments $78 billion.  AMAZING!  This offer is not available in stores.  BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE! If you order within the next hour, we will double your order.  THAT’S RIGHT!  We will send you two Mitt Romneys and two Paul Ryans.  Just pay separate shipping and handling. But call this number now.  888-BIG-SCAM.  That’s 888-BIG-SCAM.  Call now!

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