Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Lies

Fractured Factualities
The dingbat convention is finally over.  It seems like it lasted three weeks, because it should take that long to get all the lies told.  I’m sorry, it is no longer politically correct to use that term.  What we have experienced are “fractured factualities.”  Isn’t that better? 

Actually I watched perhaps 5 minutes of the entire convention.  There were two reasons for my refusal to listen to the gibberish.  First, I knew that if  I listened/watched this circus, I would get totally PO’d at all the lies.  Sorry, there’s that word again.  Secondly, the US Open was being televised, and to me, that was a hell of a lot more honest.

One time before the convention, while listening to some dingbats orating about their plan, whatever that is, I started to write down all the lies I heard.  Unfortunately I soon ran out of paper. But, there were a few that I remember.

First, Lush Limbaugh, the darling of the teabaggers, stated that the Obama Administration was falsifying the data to make it appear that Hurricane Isaac would hit Tampa, and thereby cancel the convention. This is so ridiculous it is funny!  Anyone who has watched the Weather Channel remembers them showing all the possible tracks generated by the computer models.  Yes, some of these “possible” tracks went over Tampa. Others predicted other paths, including the one actually taken.  But the Lush claims this was all a conspiracy.   Can you imagine how many people would be required to falsify the satellite pictures and the radar images to back up his conspiracy theory?  But, there are people out there who believe every lie he tells.  That’s what is frightening!

Second, a dingbat politician from Oklahoma claims that “global warming” is just a hoax, perpetuated by the Obama administration.  Do you suppose he really means that all those icecaps melting in Greenland are just a figment of our imagination?  Some people just cannot accept the truth.
Third, one imminent dingbat politician made a reference to “Obama’s Afghan War.”  I’m sorry, but I was awake and sober during those years, and I’m sure this war started in 2006 or maybe even before.  President Obama wasn’t elected until 2008.  If we have a President who can start a war before he is even elected, then he has exceptional powers, and we better keep him.

But from listening to and reading the blathering pronouncements by the dingbats, I think I have possibly uncovered parts of their platform, such as it is.  I think they want:

Less government, except when we have a flood, hurricane or tornado when more government aid is required;

A larger military establishment, which is rather confusing since the military is usually considered part of the government;

A couple of more wars, since we are only fighting 2 at the moment;

Less money spent on education, except we need to teach more “creationism” in the schools;

Less regulation and control of the banking industry since they (the banking industry) have promised they will not take us into another recession unless they find another really good sounding but totally stupid way to lose billions;

Less control and regulation of big business, thus creating a “trickle-down” of benefits to the middle class (in China, India, Brazil, etc.)

Gender and racial equality:  This is difficult to decipher, but I think they want:

African-Americans: back to the cotton patch;

Latinos: back to Mexico;

Women:  back to the 1920’s.  Their motto seems to be “Women’s place is in the kitchen, and she should go there immediately after work.”

But then that is my understanding of the current political climate.  You are invited to create your own.

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