Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dingbat stupidity

Dear Mitt:  I am a lazy, entitled freeloader.  By your definition, and apparently your program, I should be left by the side of the road to beg for my subsistence.

I am retired from the US Navy.  That means I draw retirement pay.  This was a contractual thing.  When I joined the Navy, I agreed to put myself in harm's way to protect other Americans, like you.  In return, the Navy promised to pay me retirement pay when my tour of service was over.  What exactly do you find wrong with that, Mitt?  Why does that make me a freeloader?  I fulfilled  my part of the contract.  The Navy is fulfilling theirs.

After I retired, I did not become a 100% parasite on society, as you imply.  No, I taught at a Community College for many years.  I retired from that also, and draw retirement pay.  Again, this was guaranteed by my employment contract.  Does that make me a freeloader?  I did my part and the sate is doing theirs.

I also draw Social Security.  I paid into the system for many, many years.  Now the government is fulfilling their promise to me.  Does that make me a freeloader?  You seem to have a problem with this, Mitt.

Oh, yes, Mitt.  Let's look at some other things.  By implication, you lump me into a nebulous group who you claim are totally dependent on the government.  Well, Mitt, I'll make you a bet.  I bet you that I pay a higher percentage of my income as income tax than you do.

Think about that, Mitt.  There's a hell of a lot of people who pay a higher percentage than you do.  All these people are not afraid to disclose their tax returns.  We're still waiting to see yours, Mitt.

Mitt, you do have one thing correct.  I will most certainly, and with great pleasure, vote for anyone running against you for any office.

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