Sunday, May 01, 2005

Media Stupidity

Once again some of the national media have demonstrated their total incompetence. They either will not read; cannot read; or just refuse to pay attention to history.

There was a picture over the weekend showing President Bush and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia walking along holding hands. The media went into a frenzy! They reported all sorts of dire and dark interpretations of this.

BALDERDASH! Don't these idiots ever read? If they bothered to read anything except their own columns they would know this is common practice in Arabian countries (also in Asia). I saw this many times in Vietnam and also in Taiwan. It is common for men to hold hands while walking with a good friend. There is no homosexual connotation here. It is just what they do. The same is true for Arabian countries.

But, some of the national reporters tried to go 'balls to the wall' on this. In most cases, they have been exposed to be extremely stupid, and have been slapped down.

Yet the national media wonders why they are so often ignored.

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