Thursday, May 05, 2005

Religious Intolerance

A local Baptist Church is now trying to set a new world's record for intolerance. They have kicked out (the proper term is 'withdrew fellowship'; the local term is 'churched') all registered Democrats. Now that is a hoot! Apparently this church must believe that only Republicans are in favor of Mother, God, flag and apple pie, and against sin. All others must be the reverse.

The stated reason for this action was that the church (read the Pastor) decided that anyone not supporting President Bush 110% (and that would include most Democrats) must be in favor of abortion; gay rights; zoning; removing the Ten Commandants from Court Houses, and all other sorts of sinful things. Therefore they are not fit to be a member of this holy of all holy churches.

Hell! Back in Salem, they were only hunting witches. These bigots are after fellow church members and neighbors.

I can't wait to see if this makes the national news. The press will have a field day!

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