Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Strange Dichotomy

Here in the mountains of western North Carolina we are seeing the development of a strange dichotomy. Many of the natives of this region are true "yellow dog Democrats." The name comes from their long allegiance to the democratic party, often spanning generations. This partisan allegiance is so strong that it is said they will vote for a 'yellow dog' so long as it has a (D) after its name.

Many of these people also belong to very conservative churches, in particular Baptist Churches. For many years they enjoyed a peaceful co-existence. Their religious beliefs and their political beliefs were close enough that they could safely ignore the differences. The National Democratic Party was careful to downplay any differences, because it needed the 'Solid South' in order to stay in power.

In these troubled times, the natives are restless, because this strange dichotomy has developed. Their churches are becoming more activist, and more stridently espousing ultra-conservative causes. Too often these causes are diametrically opposed to the platform of the democratic party.

What are they to do? They love their church; they love their party but the two seem bent on divorce.
This most recently came to light when the pastor of a local Baptist Church attempted to oust members who had voted for the democratic Presidential candidate. This created national headlines.

Some of these people are suffering mental anguish. The hated Republican Party now seems to be pushing the causes they would like to support, but they have always voted Democratic. Their ancestors would probably roll over in their graves should their descendents vote anything but Democratic.

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